today is a new day

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enjoy life babe

Submitted: December 14, 2010

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Submitted: December 14, 2010



Today is a new day. Screw the world of yesterday and let's go out and play. Today is great day. Today we take the leap of faith. Today we rise above to let em know we got our own way.
Today we're gunna fly like we did before. Only we're gunna fly higher, yes a little more. It's ok if you don't got wings or if your feelin sore. Let today lift you up and be a little free, like a free being and you'll win the war.
Nobody is going to bring you down. Don't you dare frown, and get up off the ground and take a look around. Your the only one with a smile on your face. Cause you won't dare let hard feelings win the race. You close the gate, tie up your lace and show em how to take first place.
These people are watchin. Smile and wave and just keep on walkin. Your true in the heart and I can see it when your talkin. "don't be a hater cause I'm white trash ballin". Step away from them cause I'm right back on em.
With a day like today why not go your own way. Cause the people who fallow end up being so shallow it's hard to not see them without a bottle cause there chokin down what they can't swallow. Need to fill up? Cause your head is so hallow. You need to learn a little something and stay off the tacos you fat nacho.
Do somethin with your life. Use today as a way to brighten up the sky and live and just try. Motivate the wieght of the world to get em not to lie. Watch the sunset with your wife and let the sun slowly die. tomorrow is a new day so don't let the world pass by, even if your high.
-Kyler Orton

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