You can make it worth the Goodbye, Im not.

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not every needs a goodbye

Make it worth the goodbye. Grab her hand and feel alive. dont miss out on the time that we have. it's not much, just dont get sad. Be glad that you had, the moments with her. dont get sick of sayin sorry, just say "hey baby dont even worry". i hate that life is so short, but we gotta think about this more. the door, to heaven is what we have in store. so live up life, and make it worth the goodbye.


Think about what you wanna say. start a conversation. dont just say "okay". i cant waist my life wishing on what i coulda said. its something to think about when i lay in bed. spending my days sleeping in. only dreaming of it when im not out doing it. show me what you got, all im sayin is, why you aint proving it? tell that girl why all you do is try. im tellin you now, make it worth the goodbye.


Listen to me speak. these words are all i have left. cause im gettin weak. i once was strong. but then you boke me. now there is a leak. im fixing it with the pieces i can find. to bring on something better, call it a rhyme. yall who hate me cant see it. they are blind. people ask me why, all i tell em is that im making it worth the goodbye.


I send you an e-mail. i wanna tell you something that you weren't expecting. so listen to my detail. stay with me, this relationship dont gotta be a fail. not everyone needs a goodbye. i wanna be with you till the day i die. when i see you again, im gunna try. to make it worth the stay, alright?


-Kyler Orton

Submitted: December 14, 2010

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