Sonnet 18 Revised

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A new version of Shakespeare's Sonnet 18. We wrote it in Honors English class. This is written in skank version. It is supposed to sound like it was written by a guy, by the way.

Submitted: January 31, 2008

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Submitted: January 31, 2008



You're hotter than the summer when you dress like a hooker

Except you're way better because you f me everyday.

Most of the skanks get their faces punched in

And they're not hot very long.

Sometimes the sun is so effing hot I have to sag my pants

And sometimes it's cold, but I still wear a wifebeater.

Some skanks are hot, but then they get every possible STD.

Even with all your STD's, that'd still be sexy, baby.

And sometimes I go to jail,

But when I get out I'll still f you.

Even if you got all wrinkly I'd still love you and your tattoos.

So as long as I start fights an do drugs

Amd as long as you have STDs you'll still be my ho


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