Eyes of a Killer

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Just something... Rargh.

Submitted: July 27, 2008

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Submitted: July 27, 2008



My dear Miss Host,
May I be so kind
As to ask you to sit,
And kindly rewind
The past events of your life?

My dear Miss Host,
Tell me softly now,
Of all the trifling things:
Things you lost and how,
Let's begin with your daughter.

My dear Miss Host,
How old was she?
Sixteen you say?
That's a wondrous age to be!
What happened Miss Host?

My dear Miss Host,
Refresh me soon!
And this will be over,
With the fall of the moon.
Please tell me Miss Host.

My dear Miss Host,
Talk to me dear!
She was raped, you say!
Her face contorted in fear?!
What a delightful thought!

My dear Miss Host,
Please tell me more!
Is that your beauty
Laying upon the cold floor?
Oh dear Hostess, more!

My dear Miss Host,
Did she cry out?
Was it loud and heavy?
Or more like a mouse?
Tell me quick, Hostess dear.

My dear Miss Host,
What of your son?
He lashed out, didn't he?
He thought it all won...
Hostess, tell him he's wrong.

My dear Miss Host,
Look at his bloodied face!
Look at his damning eyes!
He's pleading his case!
Why, dear, you're beginning to cry!

My dear Miss Host,
Don't you look away.
You're making me mad, now,
So you'll die today.
My dear Miss Host...

My dear Miss Host,
Take this gun from my hands,
And rewind your pitiful life.
Pull the trigger slowly, Host,
And pull the trigger tight.
Erase my picture from your mind,
And destroy my small sentiments;
Make no noise, my dear Host.
And thank you for this night.

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