Now Take Care, Goodnight

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Something sad.

Submitted: July 27, 2008

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Submitted: July 27, 2008



She sits on the bed,
She’s only five.
She doesn’t yet know
This is the last time
She’ll hear her father say,
"I love you, my daughter,
Now, take care and good night.
Sweet dreams, my little girl,
And let not the bed bugs bite."
He’ll hug her tight,
And watch her go.
He loves his little girl,
But after all things are done,
She’ll never know.

The little girl just turned 12,
Her eyes shine brighter than ever.
She’s careless and free,
She’s menacing and tough,
But she still doesn’t know
When enough is enough.
Her father watches her,
Telling her he’s proud.
She’s writing powerful,
Beautiful pieces.
But she’s not heard him say,
"I love you, my daughter,
Now take care, goodnight."
Since she was five.

She’s now seventeen,
And moving through life.
She’s now stronger and faster,
No longer a little girl.
She’s still writing,
She’s still singing.
And dancing around her room.
She’s so much more
Than a little girl,
She’s grown up so fast, so soon.
He’ll still protect her,
He’d still fight.
She’s come to realize
He’s forgotten to tell her,
"I love you, my daughter,
Now take care, goodnight."

With every little second
That passes by so fast,
She wants to be accepted,
She wants to be free.
Her heart is tied by fear,
And her mind is buzzing with confusion.
She’s no longer a little girl,
She’s a powerful woman.
Her heartstrings buzz with neglect,
And her mind is thrashed by envy.
She’s no longer his little girl.
And she understands this now.
And she knows that he’ll not again say,
"I love you, my daughter,
Now take care, goodnight."
And inside, she feels like he hates her.

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