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Character biography, short

Kymellia, Draenei Warrior


Kymellia was born in a village on the hillsides of what is now known as Nagrand, on the planet then known as Draenor, long before the orcs corruption and genocide. She was born to mother Ishani and father Paavan, a Vindicator of the light.

Kymellia survived the orc genocide; her mother was slain and her father felt it was his duty to stay and fight the Legion and orcs and exact revenge for his wife's murder. He sent Kymellia with the Prophet Velen's group of survivors that fled to Zangarmarsh. She never knew what became of her father; whether he perished in the war or survived to become twisted and broken by the fel energies used by the orcs.

While on the Exodar, fleeing the Legion, Kymellia vowed that she would never again be a helpless victim. She did not possess an affinity for magic, nor was she a devout follower of the Light like her parents were. She believed in and respected the Light, however. She thought on her parents and admired her memory of her father, a Vindicator. He was no great general, but he was imbued with the powers of the Light, and was renowned for his prowess with a blade on the field of battle. Keeping with his memory, she took up the sword and shield and began her training as a warrior. She may not have been special with magic or imbed with the Light as her father was, but she had inherited her fathers skill with a blade.

During her time training on the Exodar, Kymellia met and fell in love with a Vindicator in training, Javesh. They married, and she was happy for a while, looking forward to her time with her new family. Then the blood elves sabotaged the Exodar, sending it crashing into a strange world.

She cannot remember her age. She has lost so many memories. While helping crash survivors and gathering aid, she stumbled upon her beloved husband's body, lifeless in a waterway. She was overcome with grief, and despair permeated her being at the loss of her husband, her love; her life mate. Her last remaining personal connection.

At the moment of her deepest despair, she vowed to give hope to the hopeless, to help the weak, and to try and always show strength and honor through her actions. She thought and truly believed that she had experienced the worst pain and suffering conceivable to any living being. She found new hope in the Naaru, and a sense of internal peace and calm through nightly meditation to try and overcome the bitter anger and despair deep inside her soul.

Through this meditation and the study of her journals, Kymellia has slowly begun to regain most memories of her past. She knows she was born on Draenor, long before the genocide, so she is a fully grown, although still considered young, Draenei; however her true birth date and age remain a mystery. She is reluctant to form close ties with others. She has also vowed to never again fall in love. Her husband, lover, her mate, has perished; her capacity for romantic love perished with him.

Kymellia is embracing the alliance as her new family and currently lives in Stormwind, for the extensive libraries of knowledge and to experience the hub of activity and interaction with the other races of the Alliance. She does not trust those who give themselves to the fel energies. The Burning Legion is her bitter enemy, the group she holds responsible for the tradgedies and devastation of her life. Anyone who would embrace demonic powers are not worthy of her trust.

She looks forward to the day when she can join the Army of the Light, exact revenge on her enemy, and help to finally put an end to the Legion. Until that day comes, however, she practices and studies the arts of war, helps those in need, and is happy enough to enjoy the life she still has against all odds.

Kymellia is calm and patient out of battle, empathetic to the plights of the less fortunate, and believes that what you do in life will echo in eternity. She struggles to forgive the orcs for their genocide of her people, rationalizing that they were corrupted by her mortal enemy. Her empathy is strong, however her bitter anger towards the loss of her loved ones undermines her attempts at full and lasting empathy and forgiveness.

When not pre-occupied with the arts of war, Kymellia loves to sing and dance, and she loves to laugh. She enjoys simple luxuries that others may take for granted; quietly reading in the libraries, fishing in serene waters, swimming, and sometimes just smelling flowers and listening to birds. She feels life all around her, and this life reinforces her hope for the future.

Since living in Stormwind, she has also developed a love for Dwarven mead, and for their boisterous, drunken parties.




Submitted: April 20, 2012

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