Creating My Space

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I am aware of who I am completely--NOW.

Submitted: May 06, 2010

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Submitted: May 06, 2010




I will never forget what a friend told me… "It does not matter how old you are; it just matters that you are comfortable with who you are.” And, in life, you can change you at anytime.

It has been a minute since I took the time to write like {I} wanted too. Instructed by many voices for more than four years definitely took its toll on my craft as a writer. However, all of that has ended now, and the beginning is here.

Earlier this year, I made a lot of decisions that many would not make in our current economic situation. The entrepreneur within was trying to burst out of its shell--again. I felt it everyday. I skipped school so many times this semester that I just decided to study independently, and it played out accordingly. While on my splurge, I discovered that I really liked teaching youth, and that my creative skills as a writer were still in tact—without instruction.

Another thing that I did was quit one of my many hustles; it felt different. I wrote about it in a previous article, Taking a Long Walk in a Recession. Now at thirty-three, I realize that it was for the best. Sometimes you have to step back and really see the big picture, and if you are aligned with what God has set out for you, all is well. I hated reading anything that had to do with academia this semester; I was totally burned out.

Back to that feeling, a revival within my soul kept beating, and beating. There was something that I was supposed to return to, but on a different level. Creating my space in the world has always been of importance to me. I will be honest with you, I do not like being like anyone else. I will not apologize for who I am, just be who I am.

There were so many ideas coming through my mind that I had to do something about them, and decided that writing once again is the key to all that I have questioned!

The answer from that university, it was short, and polite; I celebrated when I saw “No!”

I have me back. I owe no one my time, and I live in, an AT-WILL-STATE.

Certain things that have been told to me regarding life, I have had to figure out for myself. This lesson has been a blast. As soon as I let all of this stress go out of my life, new opportunities opened up. Check game, no degree (or individual) in the world, could E V’ A H validate who I am, that is my job.

I love writing.

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