Codename: Nefertiti! - Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Continuation from part 1

Submitted: February 09, 2014

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Submitted: February 09, 2014



Codename: Nefertiti! – Part 2

The shot to his jaw wakes the black man up, and he quickly realizes his hands are bound and tied to a chain pulled over his head making it impossible for him to lower his arms or move as his feet are barely touching the ground. There are several lights shining down, making it hard for him to focus, but he can tell that, besides the large muscular man that is beating on him, there are several other people in the room. He looks over to his left and sees his partner the blond haired man tied and strung up in the same fashion as himself.

“Good you are awake.” A voice says in the distance.

The black man, strains to try and focus in the direction of the voice but the lights shining in his face makes that impossible. He takes a shot to his gut this time as the large muscular man steps in, putting, his back into his punch; if he could have dropped to the floor the black man would do it, unfortunately, the chain keeps him upright.

“Who are you? You have no right to keep us here. We’re just tourists on a hiking expedition.” The black man says, still repeating the same cover story he has been using for the last several days.

The muscular man winds up for another swing at him, when the voice in the shadows orders him to stop. A man steps out of the shadows and into the light and the black man can finally see where the voice is coming from; he is tall and dressed in a golden silk Nehru jacket with white slacks and a gold medallion of a Dragon, hanging on his chest. His graying beard is well groomed, and his silver hair is pulled back into a partial ponytail, but his steely right blue eye gives the black man pause, there is something dead and cold about it as if it has seen too much evil and cruelty in the world. Of course, there is the left eye, which is white, and where the pupil would be is instead the image of a red dragon. Behind him follows two bald, twin midgets, who are dressed in the same suit as Donald; they look pale under the bright lights and one is holding a drink for him.

“There's no point keeping up this charade, I know you, and your partner are both C.I.A. agents sent here to find out about my heroine operation… agent Pooky.” Donald tells him with a sinister smile. He takes the drink from the midget holding it and slurps it down in one short gulp.

James is shocked by both Donald’s accusations and his consumption of the beverage, but tries to hide it and says; “I don't know what you're talking about we’re just tourists on a hiking expedition…”

“I'm disappointed if this is the best the CIA has to offer… No matter you and your partner agent Dead Meat will be dealt with soon enough, but for now I must leave you and prepare for the arrival of some new guests. It seems your government is going to attempt a rescue; seems you'll have some friends joining you soon.”

Donald turns to the muscular man and orders him to leave the two agents alone as he will deal with them later. He leaves the agents, and he disappears back into the shadows and calls for ‘Knick’ and ‘Knack’ to follow him.


The TWA flight lands on time in Hong Kong and the passengers quickly exit the plane because Geoffrey had the plane’s bathroom humming. Once Quiana, Brittany and Geoffrey are on the tarmac, a man of average height and build, dressed in a light blue seersucker suit and Panama hat approaches the trio, and when he takes off his aviator sunglasses, he asks Quiana, “Excuse me, Ms. Do you have a cigarette?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t smoke.” She replies.

“That’s ok; neither do I.”

“Well that is a good thing; you will live longer.”

“If I do not get hit by a truck first.” The man smiles, scratching his reddish beard with two of his fingers.

“David O’Bannon, codename: Shopkeeper?” Quiana confirms.

“Quiana Carter, codename: Nefertiti? It is good to meet you, face to face. Is this your team?” David asks.

“Yes; this is Brittany Glenann, codename: White Chocolate.” Quiana gestures to her with a head tilt.

“Sup.” Brittany responds still buffing her fingernails and smacking her gum.

“This is Geoffrey Braddock, codename: Dead Shot.”

“(Bleep) I know Dave, we ran several ops together in Thailand; you remember don't you Dave?” Geoffrey says to him.

“Oh yeah Thailand…”


David starts to flashback to the last days in Thailand…


“Wait a minute we don’t have time for that now.” Quiana quips.

David snaps back to the present and says; “I have a van over here. I'll run you over to the safe house, and we’ll get you sorted out there.”

“Solid, let's move.” Quiana orders.


When they arrived at the safe house, David pulls the van into the garage and then gets out and closes the garage door behind them. They take the stairs out of the garage to the main floor of the house, where David points out the general layout of the house; Geoffrey asks for directions to the bathroom and David directs him to the back of the house.

“Make sure you crack a window back there.” Quiana strongly suggests.

Geoffrey smirks picks up a ‘Life’ magazine from off the table and takes it with him.

“Quiana, over here.” David gestures to the kitchen table with his elbow. He pulls out a metal case from a hidden cabinet and sits it on the tabletop next to a bucket of cold bottles of grape Crush, as Quiana and Brittany approaches; he opens the case and takes out some plastic wrapped packets of documents and sets them alongside the box.

“A bit of a rush job but here are your cover packs with all the standard goodies, fortunately your CIA covers are still intact so these docs should hold up to the tightest scrutiny.” David tells them as he watches the two women start to comb through their respective packets.

There is the sound of a toilet flush in the background and Geoffrey soon joins the others at the table.

“This is for you.” David says sliding an even larger metal case across the floor to Geoffrey, which he stops with his platform boot. Geoffrey flips the case upright to turns the latches and then sets it back on its side again to open it.

“(Bleep)” Geoffrey starts.

“And it smells like it too; did you open a window back there?” Quiana questions, fanning the air in front of her, with her packet.

Geoffrey ignores her remark as he pulls out a very nice 35mm camera and an assortment of high-powered lenses and flashes. “This is some nice (Bleep) but where are the burners?”

“Ah yes, follow me.” David signals for everyone to follow him to the back and Quiana grabs a grape Crush as she follows.

David takes them to a bedroom but when he flips a switch under the nightstand by the bed; the whole bed slides back to reveal a small set of stairs, which leads to a locked vault. Using a key that he is wearing around his neck, he unlocks the vault door to reveal a locker full of assorted weapons.

“Now this is what I’m talking about!” Geoffrey smiles, while checking out the arsenal of goodies. His eyes lock in a pair of nickel-plated .45 revolvers hanging on the wall; he takes them down and looks them over.

“These are just like ‘Porky and Bess’ only shinier.”

“I thought you might like those.” David tells him as he turns to look at Brittany, who is eyeing a set of knifes and throwing daggers. She is clearly satisfied with her selection; David turns to ask Quiana if she found something she liked. Quiana is already loaded down with a shotgun, two pistols, a machete, two ammo belts, hunting knife, at least six grenades and a machine gun.

“I think this will do.” She says to David.

“What about the wardrobe?” Brittany asks.

“We’ll have to go back upstairs for that.” David says to them.

Leaving the weapons below; the trio follows David to another bedroom, where he reveals a closet full of designer wear for them to choose from, and while they are picking out clothes and shoes, David takes out a box and hands it to Quiana.

“What’s this?” She asks smiling.

“Open it.” David instructs.

When Quiana looks inside the box, she can see it is an Afro comb with a black power fist on the handle. “It’s nice, but I already have a pick.”

“It’s not just a comb, it has a built in transmitter. When you are ready for pick-up, just squeeze the fist, and it will send out a homing signal, and I’ll come with reinforcements and get you and your team out.” David tells her.

“Cool.” Quiana says, hiding the comb in her Afro.

“Now you guys should get some rest, you fly out in the morning.”


The private jet lands and taxies to a stop on the private runway, as a tram pulls up alongside the plane. Several passengers disembark including cover models Quiana and Brittany, who are attired in the latest fashions from France and Milan. They stop at the foot of the plane and wait for their photographer, Geoffrey to get off the plane and rush around them to take pictures as the two striking ladies pose for the camera. Geoffrey is looking sharp in his crushed velvet lavender suit, matching brimmed hat and white platform shoes. The tram driver assists the flight attendant in unloading the luggage of the passengers on the plane and when everyone is on board the tram, it drives off heading back to the resort.

Quiana slides her over sized sunglasses down her nose to get a better look at the resort as they pull up to the main entrance. Two golden sphinxes guard the entrance, one on each side of the road as the tram drives down a 100 yard driveway that is lined with huge palm trees, and when they reach the end, they can see a massive hotel, shaped like a pyramid covered in glass and polished stone. The tram follows a circular driveway and stops at the foot of a tapering staircase, which leads to an open-air lobby. Quiana, Brittany, Geoffrey and the rest of the new arrivals gather in the center of the lobby as waiters come out with platters of champagne, and once everyone has a glass in their hand, a gong rings out, and an assortment of dragon dancers appear and start dancing around and through the crowd, tossing rose petals. The whole scene is quite festive and exciting, when the gong rings again; the waiters and dancers immediately freeze in their positions like statues.

“Welcome!” A voice calls out.

Everyone turns to look up at a balcony at the end of the lobby as they see two bald twin midgets walk up to the railing of the balcony and standing on a step, look down upon them. A tall man approaches the railing and stands between the two midgets; he is dressed in a white silk Nehru jacket with matching slacks and his golden medallion of a Dragon, hanging on his chest, reflects the golden light from some unknown source.

“(Bleep) me.” Geoffrey says quietly to himself.

“Welcome, I am your host Donald Lasanka. You have all paid an impressive sum to be here and let me assure you that all your desires and fantasies will be fulfilled, during your stay. My staff will see to your every needs, and no one shall want for nothing.” Donald smiles as he takes a glass from ‘Knick’ and raises it towards the guests. “So please raise your glasses and let us toast to your stay here at… The Golden Temple.”

Quiana raises her glass and smiles directly at Donald, drawing his attention and he smiles back at her. The dragon dancers resumed their dancing.


The bellhop takes the trio up to their room, the Mata Hari suite and unloads their luggage and crates; he then shows them the adjoining rooms, the bathrooms and Jacuzzi.

“Should you require anything else, just call down to the desk. Simply press; 0-0-7, 2-5-8-2 #” The bellhop tells Quiana.

“O-K.” She responds.

The Bellhop stands silent, staring at her waiting and Quiana stands silent, staring back at the bellhop waiting for him to say something else. This goes on for several minutes before Geoffrey steps in between the two and takes the bellhop by the shoulder and leads him to the door.

“Thanks my Man, and this is for you.” He says, palming him a five-dollar bill and pushing him out the door and slamming it shut. Geoffrey thinks he might have heard the bellhop cursing in the hallway but dismisses it.

“This crib is (Bleep) tight!” Geoffrey states.

“Um, and that bellhop was kinda fine. I think I could have some fun with him.” Brittany purrs.

“Stay focused people, we’re here to find my brother and not get our freak on!” Quiana snaps.

Quiana walks over to the mini bar and opens the refrigerator; it is stocked with grape Fanta. Quiana looks up to the ceiling and cried out; “NO!”


It is a beautiful day, and many of the guests are enjoying the poolside facilities with a waterfall and grotto at the far end of the pool; Quiana and Brittany are at the pool, dressed in the latest swimwear fashion, posing for Geoffrey who is busy snapping pictures from several different angles.

“Shoot girl; how long are we going to have to keep this up? We haven’t found anything in the casino or the resort area, and this bikini is starting to ride up in a way that I don't like.” Brittany complains.

“(Bleep) man, I've snapped pictures of just about everything here and I'm not seeing anything out of the ordinary, except that employee compound. That area is guarded like Fort Knox, no way to get in there. I’m beginning to think this is a dead end.” Geoffrey adds.

“Quiana knows, but there's got to be something here; Quiana can feel it. Something we haven't seen yet; maybe in the employee compound.” Quiana surmises, while fluffing her Afro out with her pick.

Brittany wades out of the pool, picking up a towel and sits down on a lounge chair to dry off and check her nails. Quiana follows her out of the pool and sits down next to her as Geoffrey join them, setting this camera down between them.

“So what do you want to do?” Geoffrey asks.

“We’ll need to do another search, there has to be something we missed…” Quiana signals for the Waiter to come over.

“Yes, what can I get for you?” The Waiter asks.

“Quiana will have a grape Crush.” Quiana responds.

“Make mine a Colt 45, my Man.” Geoffrey tells the Waiter.

“I would like a glass of Boone’s Farm, over ice. Thank you.”

The Waiter nods and leaves to fulfill the order.

“Now as Quiana was saying, we had to have missed something, so we’ll search again, focusing on the employee compound.” Quiana tells them.

“(Bleep) I don’t know how we’ll get past all that security…” Geoffrey counters.

“What we need is an in…” Brittany adds, while buffing her nails.

The Waiter returns with a tray, loaded with the requested beverages, and while the waiter serves them, he passes a note to Quiana and tells her, “With compliments of the Owner.”

Quiana takes the note and reads it. It says; ‘I would be honored if you would join me for dinner tonight. Your host, Donald Lasanka.’

Quiana smiles and tells the others; “Quiana thinks we just found our in...”


Geoffrey pops a cassette in the 8-track player and the Isley Brothers fill the suite; as he flops down on the couch and kicks off his platform shoes and loosens the belt on his bell-bottom pants. Brittany is sitting at the table, applying a new coat of polish on her nails, this time a bright yellow and Quiana is pacing the floor. There is a knock at the door and Geoffrey gets up to answer it. He peers through the peephole and then takes a step back in shock.

“Well (Bleep) me!” Geoffrey opens the door.

It is Grant, the Big Man standing in the doorway, he is attired in his usual black suit of no particular brand with a plain white shirt; plain black tie and his eyes are covered with a pair of dark sunglasses, which were fashioned to look like Ray Bans.

“Invite me in?” Grant says.

“What the hell are you doing here and Quiana’s not even going to ask how you got into this resort!” Quiana snaps at the Big Man.

“Look Nefertiti; the Agency’s got a lot riding on this and I wrote you a pretty large check to bankroll this operation. I’m not going to let you just freeze me out!” Grant replies entering the suite while taking off his sunglasses, revealing a smaller pair underneath. “I’m going to need status on the Op you are running.”

“If Quiana’s said it twice, Quiana’s said it four times; Quiana, codename: Nefertiti will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it!”

“Alright; have it your way. I’m in the Benedict Arnold Suite; I will be expecting an update, SOON!” Grant says angrily.

“Whatever. Now if you don't mind I have to get ready for a dinner date.” Quiana lets her bikini top fall to the floor.

Grant, Geoffrey and Brittany all try to act unimpressed by the view, but fail.

“Now split, Big Man!”

Grant leaves and Geoffrey kicks the door shut behind him. Quiana puts on her kimono and steps into the bathroom; she closes the door behind her and others can hear water from the shower running.

Geoffrey looks at Brittany and says; “This is (Bleep) up! Something ain’t right; I think it's going to be a long night. White Chocolate, hit me with another Colt 45 if you be so kind.”



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