Codename Nefertiti! Part 3

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The final part of the story - enjoy!

Submitted: February 11, 2014

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Submitted: February 11, 2014



Codename: Nefertiti! - Part 3

Quiana steps off the elevator and onto the lobby floor, where she makes her way to the center of the room. She is dressed in a canary yellow halter-top dress suit, with wide pant legs that make it look as if she is wearing a flowing gown. A matching silk shawl covers her shoulders, and as she looks around the lobby, the two midgets Knick and Knack approach her; they are dressed in matching black Tux’s. Knack hands her a single long stemmed Rose while Knick directs her to a waiting tram; the three boards and the tram speed off to the employee compound, where Donald’s private villa is located. Quiana notices several armed patrols walking the perimeter, the same as she had seen during the day and to her it seems more like a prison than an employee living area. The tram pulls up to a stop in front of a sprawling villa and Donald is standing in the entryway; Knick and Knack help Quiana out of the tram and she steps up to greet her host.

“Welcome.” Donald smiles. “I'm so glad you could join me for dinner, this should prove to be the most interesting of evenings.”

“Thank you for inviting me.” She smiles back.

Donald escorts her to his balcony, where a huge table, lit with several candles in the center of it stands. Donald places Quiana at one end of the table, and he sits down at the other end as Knick rolls out a cart with a bucket of champagne and grape Crush on it. Knick fills their glasses, and they raised them to toast.

“I see you are staring.” Donald says to her. “It’s my eye, is not it? People always stare.”

“Say what?” Quiana struggles to hear her host, from the other end of the table.

Donald rolls his eye and gestures to the intercom box and button to her left side.

Quiana presses the button and says; “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

Donald presses his button and replies; “I see you are staring. It’s my eye, is not it?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. May I ask how it happened?” Quiana asks, pressing her button.


How did it happen? Donald flashes-back to a time when he was a young boy, growing up in a group home for wayward boys in Detroit.

(“Boys, I have to go to the Headmaster’s office for a moment; Donny, I’m placing you in charge. Do keep the others in line while I’m gone. I will be back in 10 minutes, and no horseplay, someone always gets hurt when there’s horseplay.” The Instructor says to Donny.

“I understand, Sir.” Donny replies.

The Instructor leaves the classroom, closing the door behind him; Donny feels a sharp pain in his arm. He turns to see one of the other boys shooting paperclips at him with a rubber band.

“Donny’s the teacher’s pet!” the boy says, sticking his tongue out at him. He fires another paperclip at him.

“Stop it or I’ll tell on you!” Donny ducks the next paperclip that shoots by him and hides behind the Instructor’s desk. He grabs a hand full of rubber bands and paperclips and soon returns fire.

The boys start running around the room shooting each other with paperclips, and Donny soon has the other boy cornered; he loads a jumbo size paperclip in his rubber band and takes aim on the boy, but the rubber band miss-fires and the paperclip hit Donny in the eye and he screams out in pain. The Instructor bursts into the room and shouts; “What’s going on here! Donny what have you done?”

At the hospital, the doctor explains to the Headmaster that Donny’s eye could not be saved, and the Headmaster turns to Donny and tells him; “I had such high hopes for you; I thought you would beat the odds and make a name for yourself. But you are no different than the others; you will never amount to anything. I’m so disappointed in you Donald.”

Donald looks up at the Headmaster with his good eye and says; “I’ll show you!”)


“I’ll show you!” Donald shouts.

“Show me what?” Quiana asks, started by his outburst.

“Oh, nothing. It’s something I prefer not to talk about; let’s enjoy dinner. I hope you like sea bass.” Donald says, calming down.

“That’s cool with me.”

Knack rolls out another cart with two platters on it and serves the fish dinners to them and refills their glasses. Quiana pulls a small bottle of Crystal Hot Sauce from the back of her Afro and pours it on her Bass; She looks at Donald and waves the bottle at him to see if he might want some, but he shakes his head no and instead checks his watch. Quiana puts the bottle back in her Afro.

Donald presses the button of his intercom again; “Oh, I forgot to mention we have entertainment, as well. Something reserved for only the most special of guests who stay at the resort.”

Donald claps his hands and turns to the balcony that becomes illuminated.

Quiana sees there is a large sandpit, fashioned to look like a Roman arena below them and on the other side she sees there are box seats with spectators also looking below.

“What is this?” She asks.

“Some guests prefer a unique entertainment experience and here at the Golden Temple, we fulfill every desire.” Donald says with an ominous smile. 

Quiana sees a door open on the far wall of the pit, and a blonde haired man is pushed through it and into the arena; she recognizes him as agent Dead Meat but says nothing. The door opens again and a large muscular man dressed in gladiator armor and helmet walks on to the sand with two swords and tosses one to the agent. The gladiator gestures for the agent to pick up the sword he has tossed to him as the spectators cheer. Quiana is frozen as she watches the gladiator charge the agent, who runs from him, dodging his sword strikes. Agent Dead Meat finally circles around and picks up the sword and fights back; again the spectators cheer. The cheering was short lived as the gladiator quickly runs the agent through with his sword; the gladiator turns to Donald to look for thumbs up or down. Donald stands up, looking at the spectators and then at his gladiator, before voting thumbs down. The gladiator pulls his sword free from the agent’s chest, and Quiana watches in horror as agent Dead Meat’s head falls to the sand. Donald sits back down and looks at Quiana.

“You are shocked?” He asks.

“Only at how sloppy your man works.” She tells him, trying to pull herself together.

She turns her attention back to the pit in an effort to hide her disgust; attendants’ come into the arena and take away the body as the gladiator enjoys the crowds applauds.

“Well he does gets better.” Donald smiles.

The door to the arena opens again, and another man is forced out into the pit; Quiana’s mouth drops.

“James!” She calls out.

“Don’t you mean agent Pooky, Quiana? Or should I call you agent Nefertiti!”

Quiana grabs her dinner knife from off the table and throws it at Donald, but he ducks it and Quiana flips off the balcony and into the pit below, landing on her feet. She runs to her brother, and they hug before James asks; “What are you doing here Sis, I thought you were out of the game?”

“James, I promised Momma to look out for you and that's what I'm here to do.” She tells him.

“You shouldn't have come, it's not safe my partner, and I were set up.”

“I know, this whole thing is a set up, and I know who's behind it.”

Quiana turns her head sharply and looks up at the balcony to see Donald and the Big Man, Grant standing next to him. “What I don't know is why?”

“It's simple, Dragon-Eye and I (Grant pauses a moment to think about what he just said before continuing), have a long standing arrangement; he gives me Intel on various government and terrorist organizations, in exchange for me turning a blind eye to his operation. Sorry no offense.” Grant says.

“None taken.” Donald replies.

“When word of Donald's heroine operation came across my desk, I had to investigate it. I thought putting a couple of rookie agents on it would make it look official, they were not supposed to find anything but your brother was just a little too diligent at his job.”

“Thanks.” James says to Grant.

“So not a compliment little brother.” Quiana explains.

“Your brother had to be dealt with, but I knew the minute word got out of his disappearance you would stop at nothing to find them and ruin everything I've built. I could not have that, so I had to be proactive and neutralize the situation meaning you.”

“If Quiana's said three times, Quiana's said it six times; Quiana, codename: Nefertiti don’t get played, especially by jive turkeys like you! I’m going to bring you and this whole damn operation down!”

“By yourself; I do not think so and if you are expecting help from you are sidekicks… let’s just say, I would not hold my breath, I know they will not.” Donald laughs at her. He looks at his gladiator and orders him to kill Quiana and her brother.


Geoffrey finishes his can of Colt 45 and crushes the can with his hand and then goes for the long shot to the wastebasket by the kitchen table, but he misses and the can bounces off the rim and onto the floor. Something is wrong because he never misses; he sits up on the couch and feels lightheaded, and it is not because of the malt liquor. He looks over at Brittany, who is still sitting at the table painting her nails, but it looks more like she is painting the tabletop, she is definitely feeling something funny too. Geoffrey gets up and walks over to open the balcony doors to get some fresh air, but they are sealed tight, he turns to face Brittany and says; “I smell something; it smells like… GAS!”

Geoffrey scans the room and quickly spots a small open pipe, coming out of the wall in the upper corner.

“These (Bleep) are trying to poison us, White Chocolate!” He shouts as he pulls a couple of doo rags out of one of the bags by the table and they both covered their faces, to try and slow the gas fumes. Regaining some of her focus, Brittany locks in on the pipe and takes one of her throwing knives and the wad of gum she is chewing from her mouth and sticks it to the end of the knife tip. With pinpoint accuracy, she throws the knife and lodges it in the opening of the small pipe while Geoffrey pulls out ‘Porky and Bess’ and shoots the lock on the patio door, so it can easily be opened. Both Brittany and Geoffrey run out on to the balcony to clear their heads and cough the gas out of their lungs.

“You cool?” Geoffrey asks, and Brittany nods ok. “Oh it’s on! Get your stuff; if they hit us, Quiana’s in trouble and that means our covers are blown! Time to open up a can of whoop (Bleep)!”

“Bet!” Brittany agrees.


As the gladiator stalks, Quiana and James, Quiana turns to her brother and says; “let's double-team this fool like we used to do back in the day on the mean streets of the Inner City!”

“Cool!” James nods.

Quiana and James high-fived each other and then James picks up the sword that was lying in the sand, while Quiana pulls out a pair of collapsible Nunchucks from her Afro. They immediately go medieval on the gladiator’s butt and beat him like he owes them money.

“What's going on here, you better do something about this, Dragon-Eye or we’ll all be in trouble.” Grant barks at him.

“Knick and Knack; get in there!” Donald orders.

Knick and Knack bounce themselves off the chairs and over the railing and into the pit arena. James sees the two midgets approaching and laughs.

“What are you two little guys going to do; kick me in the shins?” He says to them.

Knack hops up on Knick’s shoulders, making them as tall as James and they both pull out long daggers and start slashing at him. While James is fighting off the midgets, Quiana is still locked in battle with the gladiator. The spectators in the box seats are going wild over the show, not realizing what is going on. Machine-gun fire in the distance catches everyone's attention, and within minutes the doors to the arena opened and Geoffrey rolls onto the arena floor (for no reason), shooting first the sword out of the gladiator’s hand and then reaching behind his back (again for no reason) to shoot two of the daggers out of Knack’s hands.

“Dead Shot, you’re here, and you’re alive!” Quiana shouts with glee.

“Sho nuf! It’s gonna take more than some (Bleep) gas to keep a bad (Bleep) like me down!”

“Where’s White Chocolate?”

“Right here, girlfriend!” Brittany calls out, standing behind Grant and Donald on the balcony.

Both men turn to see Brittany is wearing a black leather jumpsuit, and her vest is loaded with knifes and daggers; she winks and gave them a cute smile.

“Damn! It is getting crowded up here; you are on your own, Big Man!” Donald says, just before he flipping over the balcony railing and into the pit below.

“Is everybody an Acrobat here?” Grant questions.

“I guess that just leaves you and me.” Brittany smiles.

“Let's talk about this, I know we did not part on the best of terms, White Chocolate, but you were the best agent I ever had-“ Grant starts as he tries to pull a gun out from the inside of his coat. It never clears his coat, as Brittany pins his hand and arm to his chest with several daggers she throws from her vest. Grant drops to his knees in pain as Brittany walks up him and says; “I knew you would go down one day, Big Man.”

The Nunchuck between the gladiator’s legs ends the battle and Quiana sees Donald nod to her as he runs by and out the door of the arena; she looks at Geoffrey.

“Handle your business Girl, we got this!” Geoffrey winks.


Quiana takes off after Donald as they run across the compound towards the poppy fields. Quiana dodges bullets and fights off several armed guards using her karate skills as Donald tries to put distance between him and her. Donald hops into a tram and speeds off to the refinery, next to the poppy fields; Quiana hops into another parked tram and follows, not realizing there are several resort guests seated in the back of the tram. Both trams zigzag across the fields, racing to the refinery; Donald hops off his tram and runs into the building. Quiana jumps off her tram and follows as the tram with the passengers keeps rolling along and into the fields. Donald slams the metal door shut behind him, so Quiana has to put her foot on it to pry it open and run in after him.

For some reason, there are psychedelic lights flashing throughout the inside of the building as Quiana looks for Donald. She hears the sounds of Pink Floyd playing overhead as she hears footsteps on metal and sees Donald climbing the stairs to the next level; she tries to follow but five burly guards who quickly surround her stop her before she can get to the stairs. She takes a quick moment to size each of them up, and then closes her eyes and thinks back to one of the many lessons Master RC has taught her.

“Remember my child, stay focused, maintain proper balance and always hit them where it counts!” Master RC tells her.

Quiana opens her eyes and immediately kicks two of the guards in their groins, dropping them to their knees and then performs a rear kick to the third man’s groin behind her, knocking him out of commission. Next she performs the spinning kick, hitting the fourth man in the head followed by a low roundhouse kick to his groin and sends him flying into some standing barrels in the corner. The last man standing puts up his guard like a boxer, and starts to swing on Quiana, each punch is met with a counter block, as Quiana repeatedly tries to kick at his groin; she manages to back him up and land a solid shot to his family jewels but her foot bounces off as the man smiles, she quickly realizes he was wearing a cup and takes a few steps back. She summons up all her chi and her body starts to quiver as she releases a loud ‘Kiai’ and leaps into the air, flying directly into the last man's groin and she fires off multiple heel kicks with both legs until the man's cup shatters and the man slides across the floor like a wet laundry bag. Quiana continues her pursuit of Donald and corners him on the second level scaffolding, which stretches across several large vats of boiling liquid.

“That's it Dragon-Eye, you've got nowhere else to run! Time to give it up Sucker!” Quiana shouts at him.

Donald slowly turns around to face Quiana, he looks less than pleased with her and says; “The great Nefertiti, you think you can take me down…” Donald rips the sleeves of his Nehru jacket off and tossed them over the railing. His arms bristle under the psychedelic lights.

“Well let’s see you try!”

Quiana and Donald charge each other and lock in a battle to death as they exchange blows; Zed Zeppelin playing in the background. Donald claws at Quiana scratching her cheek and laughs.

“Tiger claw!” He snaps.

Quiana responds with several jabbing strikes to Donald's chest cracking both this floating ribs.

“Cobra strike!” She smiles.

Donald flies at Quiana using multiple kicks to her head and chest and calls out; “Pigeon toes!”

Quiana fights back with, “Biting Ferret!”

The battle soon digresses into shadow puppets, projected on the wall across from them, before Quiana uses one technique Donald can not match: “Pimp hand!”

Quiana slaps Donald so hard his body spins around, and his glass eye flies out of his head and drops into the vat below, he stumbles and staggers, before falling over the railing and into the vat; one solitary fist waives above the water line, before sinking out of sight. Quiana can hear alarms going off as she quickly runs out of the refinery before it blows up in a huge fireball, which she outruns and stands back and watches from a safe distance. James, Geoffrey and Brittany come up along side her and watch as the poppy fields catch fire.

“Did you get him sis?” James asks.

“I got that Sucker!” Quiana nods.

“(Bleep) girl, you sure do know how to throw a party!” Geoffrey smiles.

They look up and see several military helicopters flying in from the horizon.

“Who dat?” James asks.

Quiana smiles; “That's Dave, codename: Shopkeeper. I was supposed to signal him when we are ready for pickup but forgot to use the Afro comb.”

“I don't think you need it.” Geoffrey says, continuing to look at the fire lighting up the night sky. “I think that’s your signal.”

“Hey! Where's the Big Man?” Quiana question.

“Oh don't worry about him, I pinned him down, and he's not going anywhere.” Brittany answers; between smacks of the gum she is chewing.

They all smile at each other, and start laughing and giving each of these high-fives and fist bumps.

“Come on, let's blow this joint!” Quiana says as she starts to walk towards the first helicopter to land. Dave hops out, and waives for them to climb aboard as Marines jump off the other helicopters and charge by them.

“Did you leave anything for us?” Daves asks.

“Just scraps.” Quiana smiles as she climbs into the helicopter.



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