Codename: Nefertiti!: The Big Takedown, Part II

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For Quiana, things are about to get real...

Submitted: June 29, 2014

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Submitted: June 29, 2014



Codename: Nefertiti! – The Big Takedown, Part II


Quiana slowly opens her eyes and stretches her body before rolling her neck to loosen her shoulders; she turns back the silk sheets and slides out of the circular bed and into a kimono and steps into a pair of fuzzy slippers. Tying the kimono around her, Quiana walks out of the bedroom and into the living room where she sees Olga, her cleaning lady standing in the middle of the rubble that was her living room.

“Oh, Olga you’re here. Quiana had some unexpected visitors last night, sorry for the mess.”

“It’s no problem, I’ve have this place cleaned up in a spiffy, Miss Quiana,” Olga replies, as she attempts a smile but fails.

“Jiffy, you mean you’ll have this place cleaned up in a jiffy.” Quiana corrects her.

“What is this jiffy?”

Quiana pauses, before giving up on an explanation.

“Never mind. Quiana is going to take a shower and then go to the store. Quiana will be gone for a few hours.”

“You go, make good time. I’ll have this place cleaned up in a… Jiffy in no time for you.” Olga says.

Quiana nods and heads back to the bathroom to clean up.


After a 10 minute shower and another 25 minutes to blow dry her hair, Quiana puts on her favorite pair of sky blue leather hip hugger pants and then puts on a matching leather halter top and ties the straps around her neck, before stepping into a pair of black platform boots and zips them up. She walks to her dresser and pulls a four layer beaded neck choker around her neck and clasps the ends together, heading towards the bedroom door Quiana grabs her shoulder holster and white suede leather waistcoat that’s hanging on the door and walks out.

“Quiana’s out!” Quiana shouts to Olga as she walks out the door.

“Yah, yah, I be here, Miss Quiana,” Olga says as she continues sweeping.

Quiana walks to the garage and raises the door to reveal her custom built Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 with the candy apple red finish that’s polished to a high gloss. She climbs in behind the wheel and turns up the radio as she starts the motor, ‘The Ghetto’ by Donny Hathaway fills the car speakers as the engine roars to life, Quiana gooses the gas peddle and then shoots out of the garage and driveway, turning sharply to head down the street.




Quiana rolls down Main Street checking out the boarded up and shuttered buildings as she drives by, the street seems almost deserted since she has seen only a few people while driving by. Back in the day this street would have been filled with people shopping and going about their business but now she doesn’t even see kids hanging out on the corners. Quiana arrives at her destination and pulls into the parking lot across the street from Taft’s Quick Mart. Quiana gets out of her Corvette and starts walking across the street, an old man is walking down the sidewalk moving slow, Quiana pays no attention to him, even when he starts to Crip walk before falling back into his slow gait. Quiana walks up to the front doors, but they are locked, she sees the ‘OPEN’ sign is lit so she knocks on the doors and an old man comes to the door and unlocks it.

“Miss Quiana, it’s been a while. Sorry for the door but I have to keep it locked on account of the robbery we had here last week.” The old man says.

“Robbery? Was anyone hurt, are you alright, Saul?” Quiana asks.

“Oh, I’m fine, they just stole some things off the shelves and Crip walked right out the door. Strangest thing I’ve ever seen…”


“No, two old ladies… strange. You here for your usual?”

“You know it.” Quiana smiles.

“Then you know where it is.” Saul smiles back.

Quiana turns and walks to the cold case in the back and pulls out two 6 packs of grape Crush and brings them to the front counter.

“I have a sale on Pork Rinds this week, BBQ flavored, if you’re interested.”

“You know Quiana treats her body like a temple and won’t poison it. I’ll just take the grape Crush.”

Quiana slaps some bills on the counter, while Saul bags her beverages. He walks out from behind the counter and unlocks the door to let her out; they say their good-byes and Quiana heads back to her car. She stops halfway across the street when she sees Andrea codename: F.O.B. leaning against her car and when Andrea sees Quiana, she stands up straight to face her.

“What the hell are you doing here and I’m not even going to ask why you thought you could lean all up on my car!” Quiana snaps at her.

“The big man told me to stay on you in case-“

“I change my mind, I know.” Quiana says, finishing Andrea’s sentence. “So I guess that makes you my white shadow.”

Both Quiana and Andrea linger over Quiana’s last remark.

“If I’ve said fourteen times, then I’ve said it a hundred times. Quiana codename: Nefertiti is still out the game!”

Andrea’s eyes widen and she pulls out her new 44-Magnum revolver and aims it at Quiana; Quiana’s eyes widen as she looks at Andrea aiming at her and she reaches into her own coat pocket to pull out her 44-Magnum.

“Get down!” Andrea shouts as she fires past Quiana and at a van coming down the street at them.

It’s the same van they saw last night, machine guns hang out the open side door, spraying bullets at Quiana and Andrea; Quiana runs and drops to the ground (being careful not to break her bottles of grape Crush) and rolls over to shoot back at the van, this time she hits the front bumper, the side panel door and a gunman inside the van. The other gunman grabs the wounded gunman to keep him from falling out, as part of the bumper hits the ground causing sparks as the van speeds off down the street. Quiana gets up and holster’s her gun picks up her grape Crush and turns to Andrea.

“Good call, Andrea… Andrea, are you all right?”

Andrea is limping; she took one in the leg. Quiana walks up to her and looks at the leg.

“The bullet when through, just pour some Tussin on it and you’ll be alright.”

“You were between me and the gunmen, how is it you didn’t get hit?” Andrea asks.

“If you’re going to be in the game, you’ve got to be ready to step up ya dig and you got to know how to blend in with your surroundings, that’s what I do,” Quiana tells her.

Andrea looks Quiana over and her current attire, she nods as Quiana pulls out a bandana from her coat pocket and gives it to her so she can make a tourniquet.

“Something’s not right on the streets, Quiana is used to being shot at but not by the same dudes especially if she doesn’t know anything about them. But Quiana knows someone who does, he’s always got his ear to the street and knows what’s going down.”

Quiana walks over to her car (which doesn’t have a scratch) and gets in, after placing the grape Crush in the back. She looks out the window at Andrea, who’s hopping on her good leg to turn and face her.

“All right F.O.B. get in and don’t bleed on Quiana’s leather seats.”

Andrea smiles and limp, hops around to the passenger side and climbs into the car as Quiana starts the motor.

“All right, let’s split!”




Quiana drives down several different streets listening to ‘Living For The City’ by Stevie Wonder, scanning the sidewalks as she drives by but she is not seeing the person she’s looking for. Andrea reaches over and changes the radio to another station and stops when ‘Summer Breeze’ by Seals and Crofts comes on. Andrea starts bobbing her head to the beat as Quiana turns and stares at Andrea in disbelief.

“Oh, Hell No! You did not just change my station, never, ever touch a Black Woman’s radio!” Quiana threatens Andrea and then turns the radio back to her station.

‘Backstabbers’ by The O’Jays starts playing and Quiana breathes a sigh of relief.

“Sorry. Just who is it we’re looking for anyway?” Andrea asks.

“The Cat, who knows what’s going down in the Inner City, he’s a smooth operator and as slick as a pot of boiled okra,” Quiana says, as she brings the car to a stop. “There he is!”

Andrea looks through Quiana’s window and sees a man dressed in a gold three-piece polyester suit with a matching short cape with fur trim that hangs off his shoulders. Long blonde hair falls out from under his big brim hat in bangs to his shoulders and oversized sunglasses cover his blue eyes. He’s leaning against a wall checking his pinky rings and watching his women on the stroll, go up and down to the corner and back.

“Who’s that?” Andrea asks.

“That’s Koala Bear, he’s a Pimp out of Sidney. He came to the States to expand his business; remember what I said, slick like boiled okra.” Quiana reminds Andrea. “Hey Koala!”

Koala dips his head to allow his sunglasses to slide down his pointed nose; a smile grows on his face as he straightens up and walks over to Quiana’s car.

“Well hello, hello. Miss Quiana, it’s been a while; is that the new agent from the CIA with you, Andrea codename: F.O.B.” Koala smiles, looking at Andrea and then noticing her tourniquet and wounded leg. “That looks bad, you better pour some Tussin on it and then you’ll be all right.”

“You’re right, he is slick.” Andrea nods to Quiana.

“So what can I do you for love?” Koala asks Quiana.

“Quiana needs to know what’s going down on the streets.”

“Well, I’m not one to talk but… There’s a new drug hitting the streets called Walking Dead, it’s changing the game out here. The hood hasn’t been the same since about a month ago; it’s even starting to cut into my business, you see how many girls I got not making money? Nobody knows how this stuff is getting out here, not even me!”

“Damn Koala, you know everything that’s going down on the streets!”

“I’m in the outback on this one love, but if I had to guess, I would say they must be using something innocuous like cookies or something that would go unnoticed by the Fuzz. Either way nobody’s slinging it on the corners.”

Quiana leans back in her bucket seat with a puzzled look on her face; Andrea leans over to her and says; “Innocuous means harmless, inoffensive or bland.”

“Quiana knows what innocuous means!” She says, turning to Andrea.

Quiana’s sharp stare melts Andrea back into her seat.

“Cookies? Quiana just got a box of cookies!”

Quiana hits the gas pedal and peels out and down the street as Koala Bear jumps back to a safe distance.

“Catch you later love, I’ll slip a shrimp on the Barbie for you!” Koala says as he watches the car race down the street.

“Where are we going now?” Andrea asks, gripping the dashboard to stabilize her.

“Back to Quiana’s crib; Quiana thinks she’s just put the pieces together…”



Quiana turns the steering wheel of the Corvette sharply and hits the breaks hard; the car skids and spins around into her driveway stopping directly in front of her garage. She jumps out and runs into her house but stops in the living room, she can’t believe the living room is spotless and everything is in its proper place; there is even a new vase on the end table.

“Damn!” Quiana says, as Andrea hops in through the open front door.

“Wow! Who’s your cleaning service?” Andrea asks.

“Cleaning woman, come on. Quiana has a box in the kitchen that we need to take a look at!”

Andrea follows Quiana into the kitchen and sees a box marked cookies, sitting on the kitchen table and it has been opened. There are several empty cookie boxes scattered around the table and floor; Quiana walks over to the table and picks up a cookie the was overlooked and sniffs it; she breaks the cookie in two and takes a small bite. Quiana spits the piece out and turns to Andrea.

“Just has Quiana suspected, it’s in the cookies; someone is putting Walking Dead in the cookies. That’s how they are getting it out on the streets!”

Andrea limps over and picks up an empty box and looks it over.

“Pathfinder Lasses of America? Is that like the Girl-“

“NO! This organization bears no resemblance to any other groups or companies and any similarities are purely coincidental.” Quiana says, cutting Andrea off.

There’s a muffled sound coming from the corner of the kitchen and Quiana turns and sees Olga, lying on the floor trying to move and get up, but her feet keep Crip walking making it impossible for her to find her footing. Quiana rushes to her side and pulls her up into her lap.

“Olga, what’s wrong with you?” Quiana asks, shaking her awake.

“I want more,” Olga mumbles

Andrea calls Quiana’s attention to the glass of milk, sitting by the sink. The glass is almost empty and Quiana sees cookie crumbs fall from Olga’s lips and clothes.

“NO! Call an Ambulance call it now!” Quiana orders.


Paramedic's wheel Olga out of the kitchen and to their Ambulance, One of the paramedics comes back to speak with Quiana.

“She’s in pretty bad shape, we’ll get her to the Hospital and do what we can.” He tells her.

Quiana nods and drops her head and turns away from the paramedic, he notices Andrea’s leg.

“That looks bad, you want me to have a look at it?”

“No that’s ok, I’ll pour a little Tussin on it and I’ll be alright,” Andrea says.

The paramedic shrugs and leaves.

“Are you all right, Quiana?”

“No. I’m about as far from all right as I can get; I’m going to find the people responsible for this and I’m going to make them pay, even if I have to tear the streets apart with my bare hands. I’m going to take every last one of these suckers down!”

“You mean?”

Quiana raises her head up and turns to Andrea and says; “Quiana, codename: Nefertiti is back in the Game!”




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