The One Shot That Killed Him - Part 3

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The conclusion to the story.

Submitted: June 12, 2014

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Submitted: June 12, 2014



The One Shot That Killed Him - Part 3


I step towards her and Lauren pulls the trigger and then pulls it again but I’m still standing. I hold out my hand to show her that I had the bullets for the gun; I take it out of her hand, put the gun back in my pocket and lead her back to her chair, where she slumps down.

“As I suspected.” Amy says.

“As you suspected? You seem to know a lot of things about this family, but you’ve never been here before. Or have you?” I ask Amy.

“What are you saying?”

At that moment, Will punches the other man standing next to Jones and says, “That’s for taking a shot at me the other night!”

Before anyone else can move, Will pulls out his matching pearl handled .38’s and has them trained on Jones and Amy. Nobody moves, as I continue.

“I think you know what I’m saying, what everyone has been saying in this house. You’ve been spying on this family, I bet you have listening devices planted all over this house and that Plummer’s van parked outside is your listening post!”

Amy doesn’t answer me but instead just stares at me, with a piercing look; another satisfied customer.


“You want the truth?” she says.

“Yes I want the truth.”

“You want the truth?”

“I think we all want the truth.”

“You want the truth?”

“YES I want the truth!”

“YOU can’t handle the truth! The truth is it’s a dangerous world and you need people like me out there doing the things that the rest of you can’t or are unwilling to do to protect this country. So don’t question the manner in which I provide that security, just a simple thank you and then be on your way will do.”

I take my hat off and hold it to my heart. “Look lady, I fought for this country. A country where its citizens can live free, free from a government that would spy on them, listens to their phone calls and goes through their mail. A country where people don’t have to look over their shoulder to see if Uncle Sam is watching their every move, that's the country I know and love. I don't know the country you're talking about and the people of this good nation would never approve of your activities!” I take a moment to wipe a single tear from my eye.

“Did you get taller?” Will asks.

Lauren looks down at my feet and says, “He’s standing on a soapbox.”

“Oh; sorry.” I step down. “You’ve been monitoring the Professor's calls and you knew he was planning to take his invention elsewhere, so you cook up some phony scam about threats against his family, hoping he would get scared and come running back to you for protection, but he still wouldn't play ball with you.”

“You have no proof of that.” Amy counters.

“Really?” I reach over to the bookshelf behind me and pick up a clock and turn it over revealing a hidden microphone and it’s wire running into the wall behind it. Amy just shrugs and looks away from me.

“Wait, are you saying she killed the Professor?” The Irishman asks.

“No, Liam. Pay attention.”

“Stop this torture, I killed him. I went into his study to get his gun and I went down to the basement, he was down there working in his lab like he always was and I shot him.” Lauren says mournfully.

“You’d better have a look at this.” I tell Lauren, passing the note to her.

“Why, I said I did it!”

“Read it. Read it so everyone can hear.”

Lauren unfolds the note and reads it out loud; “Jeris Hair tonic, Beeman’s, 1 pint of Gin…”

“Opps! Wrong note, try this one.” I say, swapping the note for another out of my pocket.

Lauren unfolds that note and reads it out loud; “Not him.”

Lauren looks up at me and says, “What does that mean?”

“It means you may have tried to kill him, but you didn’t get the job done. Isn’t that right, Professor?”

I look up to the ceiling in the corner and see Professor Giovanni, clinging to the ceiling like a spider. He peels himself off with a ripping sound and lands on the floor by the door and says in his usual southern drawl, “I must apologize, I have always been a bit of a creeper. You are a daisy, Mr. Dickson. Better than advertised but perhaps a little too good at your work. Just how did you put it all together?”

“Well, when Lauren let it slip that you were basically broke, it occurred to me that someone in your position might want to get a better deal for their work; say on the Black Market. You didn't have contacts into that world but as you said, Andrea runs with a dubious crowd and there's no one more dubious than The Irishman.”

“Hey!” The Irishman baulks for a brief moment but then simmers down.

“You are correct Sir, I have never been properly paid for the devices I created for the government to help win the war and to continue the contractual relationship with them would ruin me, so I decided to sell to the highest bidder but I still needed someone to make the proper introductions and Andrea was willing to help me with that.” The Professor tells me.

“Andrea how could you, he killed our mother!” Lauren turns to her.

“I know you've been saying that for as long as I can remember, but you have no proof and Alex promised to take care of my gambling debts that I owe to The Irishman if I could broker a proper deal for him.” Andrea tells her.

“She’s lying, I don’t know what she’s yapping about!” The Irishman shouts.

“I’m not lying, you’re the liar!” Andrea responds, trying to throw a glass vase at him, but I stop her.

“That’s why you’re here, Liam.” I smile.

“You think you’re fresh, don’t you! I’ll show you a thing or two!” The Irishman struggles in his seat, but Jones holds him down.

“Yes, the deal was all set until Lauren, threw the proverbial monkey wrench into my plans.” The Professor says.

“By taking a shot at you?” I add.

“Yes, but I saw an opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons as my Big Daddy always said.”

“Wait, wait! Let me get this straight (for anyone who might still be confused) the Professor was going to sell his invention on the black market, using Andrea and The Irishman’s underworld connections, thereby cutting out Ms. Chen, who had been spying on him and knew he was going to do it. So she starts sending him phony letters to try to scare him into turning his invention over to her but before he can do anything, Lauren tries to shoot him for supposedly killing her Mother?” Will says.

“You got it, Partner.” I nod.

“Then who’s the stiff in the morgue?”

“That would be Eddie Shaw.”

Everyone jumps, startled by a loud scream Andrea lets out. I stare at her in disbelief and say, “Really?”
Andrea shrugs.

“Eddie Shaw? How did he end up dead in the Professor’s lab?” Amy asks.

“Do you want to tell them or should I?” I look to the Professor.

He smiles and says, “Oh all right. I admit it I did shoot Eddie Shaw, he was like a son to me and we shared our pasts with each other, we had gotten very close. But then I found out Lauren and Shaw had started seeing each other romantically, I soon realized she was just cozying up to him for information. I tried to warn Shaw about her, but he was genuinely smitten with her, thought they would have a life together. Oh, she had her hooks deep in him, like a fish just waiting to be plucked out of the water. I knew it was just a matter of time before he would spill the beans.”

“And he was going to tell me everything but he disappear before he did.” Lauren adds. “I thought you paid him off to keep his silence. That’s why I couldn’t take it anymore and tried to kill you. I thought I shot you but the explosion and fire; it was too hard to see. I guess I missed.”

“Well let me finally put your mind at rest, I did kill your Mother, Lillian Spencer-Chadwick.”

The Professor and everyone else in the room bow their heads in a moment of silence before he continues. “She was going to cut me off and I couldn’t have that. Not when I was this close to developing something so significant. The Government was never going to pay me it’s worth, but I had to keep them on the string until I could make my get away to somewhere more pleasant, like say Cuba. I hear it's very nice down there; then Shaw threatened to ruin my plans, so I had to put him down, like a rabid dog. But now I had a body to dispose of that was hanging around my neck, like a chain of sausages at a cook out for a pack of wolves.”

I think I actually understood that one.

“So you were afraid if Shaw turned up dead, the police might start looking at you for his murder but if he just when missing that might buy you the time you needed to sell your invention and get away. So you needed to cast suspicion away from yourself and to hire me was just a diversion?”

“I never thought you would learn the truth, certainly not as fast as you did.” The Professor smiles. “I had him on ice, as it were, in my lab and when Lauren crept in to kill me. I saw an opportunity to get out from under this whole thing clean, so I left some personal items behind and let everyone think Shaw’s body was mine.”

“All this for what, what did you create?” I demand.

“Ah; I call it ‘Velours Crochet.' It will change the world, I tell you!”

Great, I didn’t speak Italian.

“That’s French for ‘Velvet Hook,' that’s a mouth full. Why don’t you just call it something simple like, ‘Velcro’?” Will suggests.

“VELCRO! That Sir is a silly and crass name that would never catch on. No ‘Velours Crochet’ will revolutionize the fastening world. It has the tensile strength of steel, when both sides of the fabric are applied equally to each other. I used it to secure myself to the ceiling before you all came into the room.” The Professor boasts.

“Oh!” Everyone sighs together.

“Too bad; your plan almost worked Professor.”

“Oh, it can still work. Remember my Big Daddy always said; Lemonade from Lemons.”

The Professor open his coat to reveal several sticks of dynamite, Velcro to his vest. They were all wired to a button switch that he was holding in his hand.

“All right, now if you would all be so kind as to place your guns on the table, we can avoid a potentially messy situation.” The Professor orders.

I placed Stella on the table, along with the Professor’s gun. Amy takes the gun out of her clutch bag and sets it down on the table, as Jones and his partner do the same. Will reluctantly places his twin .38 on the table, along with the gun from his ankle holster and a small .22 he had tucked in the small of his back. Everyone looks at The Irishman but shakes his head no. “They already had taken my gun before we got here.”

“Ok, now what?” I ask.

The Professor takes off his coat and begins to remove his vest; he lays it on the pile of guns in the center of the table and begins to unravel the wire to the button switch in his hand, while backing away from the table and to the door.

“Just one more tragic accident at the Luna Rossa estate, an explosion that kills everyone here and I shall complete my deal to sell ‘Velours Crochet’ and quietly slip away to Cuba. I must say it has been an honor to-“

I'm sure the Professor had more to say, but the silver platter that smashes the back of his head in, cut his statement short, as he drops the button switch and crumbles to the floor. Caruthers drops the platter on the floor and turns to me and says, “I was Mrs. Lillian Spencer-Chadwick’s butler long before I became his. That was for her.”

Again everyone else in the room bow their heads in a moment of silence, so I join them.

At that moment, Detective Jerry Lackey and several of his police officers flood into the dining room.

“Ok Dickson, you told me to be here in an hour and a half. Somebody want to tell me what the hell is going on! What happened to him?” Detective Jerry says, looking at the Professor on the floor.

“The butler did it.” The Irishman grins.

“Caruthers is okay. This is a case of murder, conspiracy, extortion and attempted murder gone bad. I'll explain it to you at the station but right now you’re going to want to arrest the Professor there for murder, these two for conspiracy to sell goods on the black market.” I say, pointing to The Irishman and Andrea. “I have a F.B.I. friend in D.C. that is going to want to talk to these three about an extortion scam,” I point to Amy and her men. “And this one here for attempted murder.” I say looking at Lauren.

The police officers move in and take everyone into custody and Amy turns and says to me, “You think you’ve won today? All you’ve done is wounded a nation!”

“Yeah, tell it walking, sister.” I smile.

Lauren stands and smiles at me. “Thank you for bringing my Mother’s killer to justice. Maybe when I get out of this, you can buy me a drink?”

“Sure; come and see me in 5 to 10 years, less with good behavior.” I tell her.

She follows her sister out of the room, as I hear Andrea tell one of the police officers that she thinks he’s cute. Will walks up to me and says, “Good job, Partner.”

“Yeah, the pieces just fell into place. Too bad we won’t make a dime off of this.” I tell him.

“Didn’t Anita tell you? She cashed the Professor’s check, it was good.”

“Really? I guess that means you’re buying.”

We both laugh.


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