Tale, Whisker, and a party, under the moon

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A girl meets another girl.

Submitted: August 29, 2012

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Submitted: August 29, 2012



Life's party. Not A party. Just partey. If you know what I mean. People play  parts in their life and for  other peoples lives. When you are a mum, you play a mum part in your kids life. When your a kid, you play a friends part in your friends life.when you are a butcher, you play the part as a butcher to your customers and maybe play a part as a hubby for your wifey too. When you are a musician, well you do whatever you fucking want. We have to mean something to each other otherwise you are worthless. worthless equals bad. For a lot of people. But not worthing feels great.  Because being worth takes effort or talent. Or maybe both. This is me, Tail's theory.
I just moved to this city from nowhere , don't remember when or where or how I just appeared in this place but im here. I think I'm 19 but people say I must be 23 or something because I look like it. Fucking bollocks.
Like I said, life is party. And i don't have a life because I don't have parts. I don't even play a part. And no one plays a part in  my life.  Sounds rather sad but living without a life is pretty fun.

I get up in the morning. Poo. and order a pizza. The pizza comes, I don't see the delivery guy I just leave a MSG on my notepad  and money outside and look through a peeking hole and wait. Pizza comes. Eat with a folk and knife. Urinate. By the time I do all this I feel like a jog so I run around, inside the house. Get tired. Read. Many books in the house. Too many maybe. Read about umm, 2,3 books, have shower, take a bath if I felt like it. Go to sleep.
I'm happy.

But the other day something very very weird happened. I think she came from where I come from too actually. We look pretty much the same. I was looking out the window and that girl walked past. She noticed me looking out . I don't usually look out the window, mind. I was just reading a book and looked up and the sodding curtain was open.
We made an eye contact. I think I'll have to think about her now that we looked at each other. But it's ok . I don't have a part in her life yet. Just have to be careful.

Knock on the door is always the worst way to be awaken by.
I shouldn't have but I opened the door as i was half asleep as it was 3 in the bloody morning.

Tail: what d'ya need, you little fucker.
Whisker: hey, sorry to wake you up but im not a fucker im a virgin. I'm drunk and cheery do you want some of this sherry ??"
Tail:.......... What is sherry?
Whisker:magic drink that makes you happy as tragic.
Tail: I'm happy and I don't think your magic would work on me. Sod off.
Whisker: fine. Be like that. But my magic works. Always. Just put this party hat on.
Tail: ..... I like that. Let me put that on!!
I've always had a thing for a party hat.
I put that on. I felt some warm little soft rock like thingies dropping  on top of my head. Maybe ribbons??
Whisker: wow you look fantastic with the hat on!! Take it off and you'd look even more pretty like Lilly! Oh. Lilly is my mum, call me whisker!
I smiled and Whisker took my hand ,
"do you have a mirror party girl ?? I want you to see what you look like now, wee!"
I shook my head.

Whisker pulled me to the fountain in the city centre.Whilst saying "This is fun like a pum!!!" over and over again. over and over.
When we got there, I looked into the water. I looked so damn good with the hut .

And then I took the hat off.
My curly hair was covered in spat out chewing gums.

Whisker:oh my god!!!! I didn't know that it had chewed out gums in it!!! Someone else probably tried to trick me or something!!! I'm so sorry like a lolly!!!Tail:...so now I have to shave my fuckin head.
This is the reason why I don't want people playing parts in my life. They make me happy and always , it's most certainly always, disappoint me and make me sad and angry.
Whisker: you can shave your head like a seed if you want , but I can just click . "
She clicked and the gums turned into sparkly ribbons.
She handed me the bottle of sherry.
I took a sip. More like a gulp maybe.

It's ok to be party with someone who can use magic, I thought to myself.

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