You don't need anything

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
Eating pasta, what you need and what you don't need.

Submitted: September 05, 2012

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Submitted: September 05, 2012



Whisker is in the kitchen. She is using a Chinese pan to cook pasta sauce. Humming. Tail, me, I'm chilling. Reading a book about a guy who is so sick of eating peanuts. Nice weather but not too nice. Nothing can be too nice otherwise it'd stop being nice any more.

Whisker:lunch s ready steady lady!

I tackled into the starving. It was in a bowl for Japanese dishes.

I hate this girl.

Tail:eating is good. Proper food makes me happy.

Whisker: so you are happy now! Like a puppy!

Tail: I said proper food. This pasta sauce tastes like curry.

Whisker: un huh.

Tail : would you like to use a knife? Said to Whisker, Looking at her side of the table, two spoons by the side of the spaghetti bowl.

Whisker:no thanks pale tail.

Tail: you need it when you eat your spaghetti like this.

Whisker:no, I only need spoons. In fact, We never need folks.

Tail: how would you eat a stake then?

Whisker:just bite into the meat.

Tail: well, so, in your theory, you don't need spoons either.

Whisker:no. We don't. We don't need anything. See. No one needs nothing.

Tail:....... Gochisousama deshita.

Whisker:I'll make you understand why.

I finished eating and watched whisker eating. It was disgusting.

First she would scoop a handful of spaghetti, then look at it , holding on her eye level, as if it's a work of art or something. Then she make it into a ball and fill her mouth with it and chew with her mouth open. Then gulp.

Whisker: Yummy like curry.

I sighed. Because I did understand why no one need nothing then. If you don't care about being disgusting. And why care about being disgusting to other people when you don't play a part in their life. You stop caring about one thing and suddenly, you stop caring about everything else.

Tail:whisker, I think you need to start using a knife if you wanna be a part of my life.

Whisker:No, tail cocktail, that's wrong. I don't need a folk, and still play a lovely person part in your life. I can do it. With my magic.

Whisker pulled out a bottle of sherry. I do like this girl now.

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