O Miss Luna

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Just a thing I wrote for my friend Miss Luna

Submitted: August 01, 2011

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Submitted: August 01, 2011



Come, my young ones, gather close. Listen to how your old man fell in love with the moon, a woman, and a ghost. What I'm going to tell you is all true, though I may exagerrate a part or two. Are you ready? Lets begin, The tale of O Miss Luna and Ms Westigan.

Once I was strolling down a path, one moonlit night. And I began to wonder, "How does the moon shine so bright?" As I looked up, it was plain to see. The moon, she was smiling at me! I asked her name and she said, "Miss Luna. Why, what's it to ya?" I said, "You look so beautiful, so brilliant. Do you have a lover, or maybe a charming gent?" She laughed and said, "No, I haven't, but one I have just met."

As I reached home, the new development left me shocked. Could this really be happening I thought as my mind reeled and rocked. such a lovely thing and such a wonderful opportunity I had to come back outside to see what became of her thoughts of me. I looked to the sky and she looked so down. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I though you left." She said. "That you skipped town." I told her that I'd never leave that as long as she was here, I'd be there too.

"I'll always be here." she said. "You silly man that's why I'm so lonely." I said, "Then allow me to change that, you'll never again be the only. Allow me to comfort you and be there every night. I'll be your evening companion until morning's light." She smiled, "Yes, that sounds about right. It sounds selfish but would you stay with me this night."

I had agreed and we spent the night through, talking and laughing her happiness was true. Not once was she faking, O Miss Luna I see this taking us through many days of much smiles and no strife. I'm so glad you came into my life. The sun may light my days but Miss Luna lights my nights with much more beautiful rays. O Miss Luna be mine forever.

I walked as we talked on into the night's end, where soon home I would have to return to, once again. As we enjoyed each other's company, one thing we found that we shared, was the uncanny ability to turn to laughter from despair. As we both said our goodbyes, a kiss I did send, to Miss Luna, the moon, which I would again, see soon.

The next morning I was out and about when a woman who seemed familiar gave a shout. I ran to her to ask what was the matter and she replied, "Nothing though your concern does flatter. You see, you remind me of someone I saw in a dream last night. Seeing you in real life what a shock, you gave me fright. Now don't be alarmed, you don't scare me, but seeing a dream come to life, nothing could've prepared me." I gave her a smile and said, "You too remind me. I made a friend last night, as pretty as thee. Don't see me as senile and I'll tell you who, it was the moon. Miss Luna by name, she was kind too." She cocked her head as she smiled back, "Join me this bright day and relate to me this tale of which I lack."

Her name was Miss Westigan, pretty as the sky, eyes as blue and a mind so wide. She was beautiful, with a radiant paleness and a noble air. We walked the town, here, there, and everwhere. She reminded me so much of Miss Luna, I was almost in despair. I felt like I was cheating on my new love, having an affair. But something struck me so odd, like Miss Westigan was to the day as Miss Luna was to the night, that as we continued walking it still just seemed so right. By day's end and evening's start, we had to call it quit's and we had to part. We left on our ways where we had met, promising another day of what, we hadn't known yet.

As I got home Miss Luna had appeared, she smiled and said, "Good evening, my dear." I greeted her the same and related the day, she gave a sly grin and kept on anyway. We kept up where we left off the previous night, giving our life stories a whole new light. I loved talking to her as she told me of era's she had lived and seen past. I was amazed at the things she has learned and the life she's amassed. Nothing I could think of could top what she told, but she listened just the same knowing I wasn't nearly as old. It was nice to have someone who cared so much, and someone to be there for and a life to touch. Alas, yet again, it was time for me to part, I said my good nights and my sleep I did start.

Miss Westigan met with me the next day, and I dared do something out of the way. As we talked about ourselves some more, I reached for her hand, to hold, going from store to store. She flinched and pulled her hand close to her, and I dearly apologized knowing not how to play down my gesture. She smiled and said it was fine, but she wasn't comfortable just yet with her hand holding mine. Maybe she knew of Miss Luna, my friend that I hold dear, but I know that I'd rather be with Miss Westigan than with someone who only nightly will appear. I dare not insult Miss Luna although we can't be, she is still a good companion and close to me. Miss Westigan just may be the lady of my dreams but Miss Luna is my friend and will always be.

That night Miss Luna had not appeared, so instead I wrote her a poem. Listen my dear children to this lyrical ode:
O Miss Luna, where are you this night. You have not appeared and my mind is in a whirl. The day has brought me a new sight in the form of a young woman, a very special girl. I want to tell you of her and what she means to me, I want you to know I have found the one who's just my cup of tea. My dear friend Miss Luna she's such a kind woman, she reminds me of you in the form of a human. She could be the one, the one for me. The soulmate of the ages, rightly she could be. O Miss Luna why can't you be here. I need you now to steer me clear. Should I take her and make her mine, or is there another, one to which I should be more inclined. Oh it'd be easy if you were in the present, to show me if she's really the one to which I'm destined. Miss Luna, your opinion I do not take of light, so come and tell me, is she the one, tomorrow night.

The day after, Miss Westigan visited me at my home, she looked so beautiful and for the day I wasn't alone. We sat and talked, musing over our lives, she had grown on me, more than any can say of future wives. I knew from there she'd be the one. As I walked her home that evening, I was struck as stone. She gave me a kiss, a peck on the cheek, it was cold as ice and it was so weak. My confused look gave me away, she knew I figured it out. She reluctantly smiled and told me to sit down as she looked about. The news still hit harder than most. It was hard to believe that Miss Westigan was a ghost.

My mind reeled as I tried to process this, as I tried to figure how I didn't notice. She was so lovely our time was bliss. She seemed so real though her skin was pale as a lotus. She explained her true motive the reason she kept up the show. She told me she was looking for a suitor, a perfect husband for her young widow. She said I was perfect for her daughter, the true Miss Westigan, who by now was more than ready to marry again. I nodded and said, "If she's half as beautiful and smart and her years are none less my few, I'd be glad to meet this young lady, this spitting image of you." She bowed flattered and told me to come tomorrow though the time had not mattered. I was to meet young Miss Westigan and would seek to try then.

Just before she parted though, Miss Westigan thanked me for keeping her company day and night. She winked as it hit me like a brick to a light. Elder Miss Westigan was the Miss Luna from my walks. I couldn't believe she was the recipient of all my talks. She told me she would still see me nightly though young Miss Westigan knew not of her mother's predicament. When around her I should tread lightly as I talked to her of her mother as she would badly lament. And just before elder Miss left my presence, she told me one last thing. She would always be there, whether or not she was seen.

She was there, she was really there. Young Miss Westigan and she was aware. She knew who I was and greeted me with an embrace. It was so wierd but my heart did race. It was like I was with the ghost again. Like this Miss Westigan was my old friend. I could hardly believe I was really in her presence, in the audience of the woman my heart gave presedence. My eyes were filled with joy as I held her close, the woman I spent these last few days was dearer than most. Her mother had bestowed her with the memory of our time together. Young Miss Westigan was the woman I fell in love with and no other.

Call me delerious, call me naive, Young Miss Westigan would be my  wife indeed. Many more months we spent together, with moonlit walks through all kinds of weather. We grew closer and closer til there was no gap, no space between us to hold us back. Then one day it was time for me, I got a ring and bowed to a knee. I asked her to be mine and in a few months time she was.

Many years we had lived through but not all good things can last. I wish I could have done different but one can't change the past. One night she died and forever I was lost. All it took was one bullet and her life was the cost. A madman had come through town killing many, why he took her life is still uncanny. The love of my life gone in an instant, forever she's vanished my good life now inconsistent. My young ones listen true, take nothing for granted and may life be good to you.

Now their memories I haven't forgotten, they're dear to me like golden cotton. A few messages have come to me for them. They're burried with her body forever and then. Allow me to recall the lyrics of each, these epilogues of their lives still in my reach. Into my mind I delve, remembering each word though it's Hell. Here I go, I once again recite, one day they'll give me some kind of respite.

The moon is so small, but it is yet so bright. O Miss Luna, come to me this night. With your brilliance and your purity, please, come and save me. Save me from heartache,
save me from pain. Save me from loves lost, and still nothing yet gained. Oh how I love thee Miss Luna, though you have yet to reply. Oh the quiet night it is, without thee to comply.

O Miss Luna, do you remember when, when I asked you to be forever my friend? I swear your pale face nodded, and the wind whispered of course. I love the night and you make it bearable, to walk through it without it being terrible. I know it sounds cheesey, false, and fake, but my love for you, doesnt need a second take. I hope we can keep the promise we made, for it would be horrible to break the word between two soulmates.

As I finish my tale, young ones, remember the moral, take nothing for granted lest your life be horrible. Live each day as if it was a gift, not as if you're supposed to have it. Care for your friends and family dear and may they do the same lucky as they appear. For when life gives you good things, take them with much appreciation, lest you offend it in which you'll get nothing worth admiration. So listen to your old man, wise in his days, take care of yourselves and do kindly with your ways.

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