Different ( performance in the cambridge school, tcs) qatar

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Every thing i have in this world, it change to dust, i feel so bad about my self, i once change to a angel, my wings spread and i express my destiny.

Submitted: April 22, 2010

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Submitted: April 22, 2010



Different Desires

A curious feeling that made my shadow cry

A lightning of blinking crystals shattered my mind

Taught me to be mannered

Made me know who I am

It shouted by its signal and made the moon give me the stars

Wondering asteroids pass, but I crushed them with my light

A wing that appeared from my back

Opened in the east and closed in the west

I thought am the best, but I was arrogant

A suddenly cloud pushed its fields

Rain drops fell as pelting grapes

They bet my face with its sharp sides

Floating my hair in the grey skies

I couldn’t stand it, I fell I died




A flickering dust passed by my eyes

It woke me from a deep sleep

It made me alive

Heard the echoes of that cave

 Pumped its tunes and griped a light

A vision that rounded a suicide in my neck

It once made me float in lying photographs

I listened to sounds of the waves

Shores were entertained by its wavy lies

Hours and moments creep my fate

They take it away to hill, move it to its volcanic `hills

Rocks of fire slide around the mountains

It makes a height of warmth and a weight of curse

An arrow from the cyclonic rainfall

Entered the fate

Shook its blood

Affect me at the end

Take the Halloween crimes

Make its evilness, a piece of metal in my back.








It may never go out from my heart

But the battle I want is a battle of crowns

I won’t take the selfish side of my fight

I’ll take the prove of my talent and give it to the queen

I hold my power in my hands to her fingers

She takes my talent and serves me the crown

 Crown of gold with shiny diamonds in its holes

I receive my biggest fate for my life

I enter the gate of my pleasure and be honest

Thinking about a life that would make me remember hearts

Hearts of great teachers that taught me the time

That taught me a beauty of minds

I give my ring to their hands

I cover it with bronze gold

Ask them to forgive me for whatever I cracked

Different desires

Everywhere in my skies

I keep my fate and start a new life

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