I'm In Love With My Best Friend

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This story is inspired by a friend of mine, because I do love her and we always talk about being together.

They've been best friends for so long it was unbelieveable she had never even noticed the only feelings in her heart. Lily is seventeen years old, the most difficult age where every choice she makes can affect her future but one person in particular made her certain it was her best friend Louise. They were always together and they even shared their first kiss - when they were ten, it happened so suddenly and it was accidental, they were play fighting in the garden Louise was a tomboy after all, Louise tumbled to the floor when Lily had tackled her, but unable to stop herself she toppled forward and her lips touched Louise's.

Thinking back now it was just destined wasn't it? They do say opposites attract. Lily patted her light brown hair down and sighed, looking into the mirror in a daze, how could she ever even begin to explain anything, she didn't want to ruin their friendship and Louise was always dating somebody else. Being her best friend Lily didn't want to ruin anything so she stayed quiet, letting her friend smile and be happy - it was just typical. 

That same morning when they were together in the park Louise was crying, it took everything Lily had not to punch something or someone, she wrapped her arms around Louise and cradled her whispering "Its okay the guy was a jerk anyway.." The blonde female friend only nodded and sighed "You know Lily you're always here for me.. It's like amazing I just wanted to thank you for everything." Lily bit her bottom lip slightly, could she tell her friend now? Would she pull away or would she accept it? Instead Lily held her feelings in and patted her friends back, forcing a smile. "Of course, what are friends for!" Just the word friends made her heart twinge in pain and they continued about their day.

Louise was sitting back at home wondering why Lily had seemed so hesistant, she knew her best friend better  than anyone - they first met on a website and gradually they became closer, they were inseperable even her parents often wondered if anything was happening between the two. Louise did wonder herself, they weren't exactly just friends, but they weren't anything more either, there was some kind of connection between the two - the things they spoke about, how they admired each others beauty. It was normal, right?

It was finally time to set off the fireworks and Lily's resolve grew, she was going to tell her friend tonight how she felt and there was no backing out of it now. Her heart thumped and her hands became slightly sweaty, this was all normal for her, this kind of thing happened whenever she seriously thought about what her and Louise could become. Getting dressed Lily curled her hair and dressed up, they were going to be with a few friends and she figured Louise would decide dress up too. She matched her bright red top with some strappy heels and skinny jeans, finally putting on her make-up, Lily made her way out of the house towards the park.

Meanwhile Louise was also starting to get ready, her light blonde hair rested ontop of a long purple jumper and she also wore skinny jeans, for some reason she just felt better when wearing them - finishing off her look with some white flat shoes she nodded and put her glasses back on - her hair is short so there wasn't much she could do with the styling side of it.

Lily waited at the park with the rest of the group and her breath was taken away when Louise finally arrived, she ran towards the female and wrapped her arms around her giggling so she didn't make things awkward "You look amazing!" Louise's cheeks became a slight shade of pink and she nodded, taking her best friends hand within her own they started walking back towards the group. Suddenly a guy arrived and Lily noted Louise's expression changed, it must have been one of the guys her friend was always talking about and Lily took her hands away from Louise's to let her go. She couldn't even begin to contain the emotions she wanted to let out when she saw Louise hugging Daniel, was this always going to happen? Louise was only going to get hurt.

They set off the first firework which exploded in a light blue colour within the night sky, Lily watched as Daniel wrapped his arms around Louise and she scowled "God.. Why does this always happen?" She mumbled to herself but just then she saw a shooting star, everybody else saw it too, but she decided this would be the time to get her bearings together.

Lily stormed up to Louise and gripped her right hand pulling her out of Daniel's embrace, she couldn't believe it - she was actually going to do this. She smiled to herself when she saw how surprised her best friend was, of course she was going to be surprised it's Lily's possesive side taking control, her passionate side was telling her to do this. She pulled Louise against her body, feeling her soft and curvy frame resting against her own and she smiled genuinely "Louise, I don't care that you're with Daniel right now, you're always dating these stupid men that don't deserve you.. And even though I don't deserve you, I love you. You're my best friend, my soulmate.. My world." She stopped talking and closed her eyes, leaning in to press her lips against Louise's and she suddenly felt her best friends arms wrapping around her body.. And is that rain she could feel pressing against her skin? She opened her eyes and realised Louise was crying. Getting worried Lily quickly pulled away and carressed her friends cheeks. "Are you okay? I'm sorry I just.." 

Her words were cut off when she noticed Louise held the palm of her hand up and she sighed "I'm fine I wasn't crying because you hurt me.. I was crying because you made me happy, you always make me happy and I love you too." Lily's eyes widened and she saw Louise look back to Daniel. Louise began to smile as she shouted "I don't care what people think, I'm in love with my best friend! Sorry Daniel but she's the one for me." With that Louise turned back to her best friend, pressing her lips back against the one she had always wanted to feel beside her. Even more fireworks were set off in the distance but they didn't care, they were together, they were happy and it was going to stay that way

Submitted: October 25, 2015

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