A Lonely Tree

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um, yea. This is like super wierd.... I guess I just got bored? But I kinda like it. It's different.

Okay, um about my novel, The Affinity, my lapptop is currently not working, and the next chapter is saved on there, so it could be a few days before I can get it uploaded. Sorry- I know I haven't updated it in like soooo long!

Submitted: February 10, 2010

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Submitted: February 10, 2010



The Sun shines down so brightly

Her endless, constant task.

Poor thing can't lether guard down

'Cuz that'd be to much to ask.


As she starts to lower her rays

She breathes a sigh of relief.

And the moon rises up to take her place

So sweet Sun tries to get some sleep.


While she continues to revolve restlessly

She happens apon a happy scene.

A happy family laughing loudly

Running about on a pretty beach.


Yawning, she continues to circle

Untill she takes the place of the moon.

She looks down at a weeping tree

Who'd lost it's will to bloom.


It's dry leaves flutter to the ground

Floating on the bitter winter air.

She watches the color sink out of them

And leave the poor tree bare.


The scene had changed so drastically

That Sun just has to check

The tree smiles at her sarcasticly

Trying to fix itself


Shuddering, Sun moves along

Wishing she could help.

So she follows the moon's gentle song

And tells him of the tree that couldn't find itself.


Saddened by the tale

They head back to the scene.

Trying to find the tree so frail

Because they had to set it free.


They wondered what they'd see

When they finally arrived.

What could the outcome possibly be?

Had the lonely tree survived?


Sun laid her eyes apon the tree

She saw that it had died.

Moon let out a slient plea

And they bowed their heads and cried.

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