Between The Stitches

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I wrote this for the Halloween Poem/Short story contest on quizilla. enjoy.

Submitted: October 18, 2009

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Submitted: October 18, 2009



"It was cold. The wind was howling, and the moon was shining. I was standing by the big tree in the park. I was alone. It was late- around midnight. I heard a noise..." Rhyan paused.

She was sitting next to me on the floor of my living room. Her auburn hair was covering the left side of her face and tears covered the right. Her arms were wrapped around her legs, and she was leaning against my couch.

"What happened next?" I whispered.

"The noise...was horrible. I turned around, to see where it was coming from. She was there, sitting on the park bench, looking down. She was wearing a blood red dress, and her face was hidden by her black hair." She replied. Her eyes grew wide, and her hands curled into fists.

"I just gasped...and she heard me. She made another noise. It was like a muffled laugh. And then...then she slowly lifted her head up and I saw her face" Rhyan started shaking. I wrapped my arms around her.

"What? What was it?" I asked her.

"Her eyes. Her mouth. Her blood.. She couldn’t see or speak. Her eyes and her mouth were sewed shut. And then she raised her hand and...and then the only thing I could see was little slivers of light. It was as if my eyes were like hers." She looked at me.

"When I woke up, I was on the ground. The Sun was up, and it was like nothing had happened. But, it wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t." She said slowly.

"It must have been a dream. That couldn’t have been real." I said.

"Kyrie, she left a scar. A single reminder of what she could do- of what she went through." She insisted.

I looked at her. My eyes narrowed. I reached towards her. She closed her eyes as I moved her hair away from her face, revealing a red "x" scratched across her left eye. I quickly pulled my hand away.

"Rhyan, you’ve got to report this."

"Why? No one is going to believe me. They’ll think I did this to myself. It will do more harm than good." She stood up. "I need to go. I just came to warn you- Be careful at the park tonight, Kyrie." And she left.

Later that night, I went to the park for the Halloween festival. All of the trees were covered in white lights, and kids were running around everywhere. Eventually, I wandered away from the crowd of people, and sat underneath a big tree.

After a few minutes, the lights on the tree began to flicker, and then they all went out. I heard a low moan behind me. At first, I thought it was some kids trying to scare me, but when I got up and looked around, no one was there.

When I looked up, she was there. Standing in front of me. Her eyes and mouth had been sewn shut, and blood dripped off of her face like tears.
She stepped towards me, slowly lifting up her hand. She was holding something. I screamed when I realized what it was.

She was holding a large, rusty needle, and thick black thread. When I tried to run away, she threw the needle at me like a dart, and it pierced my back. I screamed, and fell to the ground, face first.

I could feel her walking towards me. I tried to move, but it was like I had no control over my body and everything was numb. The girl laughed. She grabbed my arm with her cold hands, and pushed me onto my back.

I tried to scream, but I couldn’t make a sound. Everything went black, and I could only see little pieces of light. I could only see what was between the stitches.I gradually slipped into unconsciousness .

And I never woke up.\"\"

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