"Better That Way"

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Just a story me and my girlfriend came up with together. Mature people only.

Submitted: March 16, 2014

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Submitted: March 16, 2014



  It was almost the time we had agreed on, i was nervous but can you blame me? This was not one of my same old 1 week sex driven relationships i had always found myself lost in, this one was special. I was on my knees on that smoothe leather couch i had bought with my old girl facing backwards twords the window. My fingers felt frozen, I had to check to make sure that my fingers were still moveable. They felt numb and stiff but i did not care, I was too busy glaring out of the window waiting for her to arrive.

  I swear it had been years by the time she arrived in that old black truck. But the clock told me otherwize. The sound of the trucks door slamming brought me to my sences, when i noticed i had no idea how long I had been sitting here waiting, but that did not matter. What did matter is that she was here. I walked to the door to open it for her like the gentleman I wish i could become. When I opened the door and saw that bright, cute smile that I wish could be infront of me like this forever. She looked like she had been waiting for this moment her whole life. So I take her hand and lead her in to my little house. As soon as we enter the mudroom I let go of her hand to look in her eyes and hug her, that was the first hug that meant something that I have had in a long time. When I finally let go I notice neither of us have said anything yet so i start with a simple. "I missed you" when she responded with "I missed you too".

  We found our way to the living room, onto the leather folding couch i had waited for her on. I handed her the remote letting her know it was her choice what we watch. But we both knew that it did not matter at all what we watched, just that she was here. With me, on this cold leather couch. It must have only been minutes when we found ourselves in a close cuddly position. I could feel her heart beat so slow and calm. I held her close to me, It was better that way. We both knew we had no intrest in the TV just in each other. My arms wrapped around her stomach her hands lightly wrapped around mine, this was perfect. So i did something i knew i would not regret in a million years. I kissed her lightly on the cheek and i could feel her smile. Her skin was soft as always. Thats when she rolled over and put her arms around me and kissed me. That was surprising , she was usally shy and timid.

  Eventually it reached 11:00 and we decided to fold out the bed and lay down. When we were finally settled in the cold uncomfortable bed she snuggled closer to me than ever. Facing me, she kissed my neck and hugged me tightly. Sex was not what I was seeking, but it couldent hurt anything right? We both knew where this was going. So I sat us both up and tugged her  shirt off and she did the same for me. I felt her cold soft hand rubbing over my pants where my dick would be, she looked at my face and smiled, we kissed and then she started to unbutton my pants and tugg them down just enough to pull my dick out.

  She rubbed it and smiled at me and I smiled back. I leaned back and losed my eyes to feel her soft lips touching the tip of my penis. Rubbing them across the tip. She began to put my dick in her mouth and blow me a little bit. I sat up and rubbed my hand through her hair, it felt so soft just like her lips. She then started to use her tounge on the tip and put it back in her mouth when she started to try to deepthrought me when she immediatly pulled my dick out of her throught and started to cough. I told her "Hey, be careful there hun. If your not enjoying than neither am I. Its better that way." im my softest tone of voice. Then  I heard her respond "Ok ill be careful." and smiled at me.

  We both stood up on the soft carpet floor. when we kissed and I sat her down on the bed and tugged her jeans off, revealing her blue and white striped panties. I rubbed her vagina over her panties then looked up at her and tugged them off. That matching set of her panties and bra with the blue and white stripes looked so sexy on her. Then I started to rub her bare pussy making her feel as good as she made me feel. Then I kissed her damp little pussy making her smile. I started to use my toungue over her clit. She started to moan softly. I started rubbing my middle and ring finger over her vagina. Then I poroceded to finger her with my index finger only. She started moaning harder encouraging me to fuck her with two fingers slowly, She was so wet. So i pulled my finger out of her.

  I stood her up and put her on her elbows and knees with her back arched down, making her already great ass look even better. I rubbed my dick on her clittoris and slowly put it in when she moaned loder than ever. Her vagina was tight and I remembered that she was a virgin. So i go easy on her. I found my self close to my climax so I pulled out and she got up on her knees and started to blow me slower and more gentle than ever. She looked so damn hot, all that she was wearing were her knee high blue and white striped socks and her bra to match it, as if she knew she would lose her virginity today. When i felt myself ready to cum I leaned my head back, bit my lip and closed my eyes. I can still feel myself cumming in her tiny little mouth that rush and the warm feeling, but the things i remember most are the blue and white stripes and the sexy shocked look on her face when i came in her mouth. So now we will forever remember her first time being special, its better that way.

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