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spit it!

Submitted: September 05, 2009

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Submitted: September 05, 2009



im a spit this shit
so it seems im being heard
light it up and take a hit
imma kill this like a
imma work hard-er
spit fast-er
be bett-er
cuz aint no one seen what ive seen
when i hit up the scene
no one around has been where ive been
so don't act like a g
when you've never held a gun
and if you have just know your not the only one
dont turn away a run
stand up tall and be proud
dont look around
you dont need no magic no hocus pocus
you need yourself
make your on wealth
protect your own and health
and those who are close to you
cause in the end they are all you need
forget smoking and running weed
D and L forever ya bitches we the best
fuck with us and your laying to rest
i dont wear the vest
i have the attitude of steal
murder me it will be an attempt and i wont let you live to appeal - L

yall bitches dont believe us but D L sexy flows forever
ridin in my benzo, seats made of leather
when u read our shit OH my GOD is what you bitches be sayin
when D and L roll by yo hood, Mac 11 sprayin
yall bitches wanna talk shit on this site
but we all know that Dan goes harder
i can son greg n peter im da brady bunch FATHER. - D

we straight sexy

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