Express! when i feel its time!

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expression hate it or love it

Submitted: October 05, 2009

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Submitted: October 05, 2009



im done with this stress
and being depressed
i wish i couldjust give up
and rest!

toss me some weed
so i can get what i need
kick my shoes off
and sit back peacefully
get my drink in my cup
put my middle finger up
so i dont have to talk and you shut the fuck up

you push my so far
that im up gainst the wall
start doing dumb shit
start breakn the law
punch you in your jaw
steal from the mall
scream at you all
butter the floor so i can laugh when you fall

just give me a break
im tired of snakes
i need to calm down
before i go get a stake
and impale myself
lose all my health

theres no reset button
i just lost o well
guess ill see you in hell
atleast i know where ill be
instead of acting perfect
you fucking disgust me

stop tryina be
my friend
cuz your not
do me a favour go die
go get shot!

dont even start
you dont have a heart
you dont understand cuz youve never been here
you get to stear
your life
ya must be nice
but my life is out of control i dunno what gear
i should switch

should i go up or godown !
think about ittill im angry and i take shit to town!
and im jumping around!
and i cant settle down!
and im taking these hits while im layn'on the ground!

the clock is run out
and i scream and i shout
pull the gun out
let the blood spill
feel the chill
and i get a thrill
i go to the bathroom and i pop a few pills

then i look upin the mirror
andthe gun appears
and i see the fear
and i see allthe lies
stare in my eyes
this is my demise!
and my fingers were sweaty
but i know thatim ready
barrel on my head
hold it steady

and i think of my life
and i think about them
if i pull this trigger then i let them win
and i guess that ill lose
but im so gone off booze
that i cant deside what i should do!

and i look at myself
and i let the gun pop
and i take a few shots
enraged i cant stop
im over the top
but im here
in the mirror
im right there
and im not going anywhere
no not yet my time hasnt run
this shit can be undone
ill do it on my own
get of these stones
find a new home
i know this shit is fuckd
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