I Made A Mess In A Stolen Car

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i tella guy on omegle i didnt know i was in a stolen car when i engaged in some activities in the back seat making a mess.... SURPRISE ENDING!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted: September 06, 2009

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Submitted: September 06, 2009



L DSexy: hey
Stranger: Hi
L DSexy: i really need somone understanding that i can talk too
Stranger: Well, as much as I would like to help you, I admit to not being the most understanding person out there
Stranger: Sorry :(
L DSexy: ok well its nothing sexual or anything
L DSexy: it just something that happend
Stranger: Ok, shoot
L DSexy: ok so i met up with my friends tyce and nik and nik's sister emily at the beach
L DSexy: and like i didnt go there with them i met up with them
Stranger: alright
L DSexy: so then after a bit
L DSexy: nik was like lets go for a drive
L DSexy: and me and emily kinda have a thing so we hung back a bit
L DSexy: and nik and tyce went and got the car
Stranger: Ok
L DSexy: so then they pull up in a chrysler 300
L DSexy: and im like daaamn when did you guys get this
L DSexy: and hes like its my cousins
L DSexy: so me and emily were sittn in the back nik was driving and tyce was in the passenger
Stranger: Ya
L DSexy: so like we drove around for a bit
L DSexy: and then we went back to my house
L DSexy: and i have like a pretty bigh garage
L DSexy: so me and emily stayed in the car while tyce and nik went inside
L DSexy: and we got to things you know
Stranger: Ok
L DSexy: well heres where things go
L DSexy: wierd
L DSexy: we kinda made a mess in the back so i was like shit
L DSexy: so i went in to talk to tyce about
L DSexy: and he started like freaaaking out
L DSexy: like crazy flip outs
L DSexy: he starts screaming for nik to come
L DSexy: and then they both start flipping out
L DSexy: turns out
L DSexy: they stole the car
Stranger: Ok
L DSexy: and now my dna is all over the back seat
L DSexy: and i dunno what to do
Stranger: Well, do you have a criminal record?
L DSexy: one previous offense
Stranger: Well, do you remember if they swabbed your mouth at all?
L DSexy: ya i had to go to court
L DSexy: and i was on probation or parole how ever you wanna say it
L DSexy: and i had community service
L DSexy: so they have a big file
Stranger: Well, the way I see it is this. Take it from me, cops have much bigger things to worry about than stollen cars. Chances are that if you clean up the mess, make sure nothing has been broken inside of the car, and have your friends drive it to a corner and leave it there, you'll be fine. Odds are the cops would find it, return it, and it would end there.
L DSexy: are you sure
L DSexy: cuz im rly scared
L DSexy: my previous offense was pretty bad i got off easy i should have gone to juve
Stranger: Well, the situation your in has no guarantee, but the odds would lean in that direction.
L DSexy: ok
L DSexy: im just rly worried
Stranger: I would be too. Hehe, next time use a rubber eh?
L DSexy: well she was just sucking me off
L DSexy: and she fucking drippd it everywhere
Stranger: Ah, gotcha
L DSexy: ya
Stranger: And just a heads up, but the best thing to do would be to come clean and go right to the cops, but I doubt you'd want to turn your friends in.
L DSexy: no man the first time i got caught like my first offense
L DSexy: i only got caught cuz of a snitch
L DSexy: my boys took care of it but damn its not fun to be a snitch
Stranger: Ya, I know. Well, since thats out of the option, I would still stick with my previous advise. But remember, absolutely no guarantee on this one.
L DSexy: ya i know what you mean
L DSexy: i mean my first offense i was painting graffiti on somones business downtown
L DSexy: and somone ran inside and told the owner
L DSexy: he came out
L DSexy: all pissd off
L DSexy: he pushd tyce off the latter
L DSexy: so i laced him
Stranger: Ouch, yup, that would get you a date with the judge.
L DSexy: i mean that was the first bad thing i ever did
L DSexy: like i only paint grafitti like thats not bad
L DSexy: thats why i got off on community
L DSexy: because he assaulted tyce first
Stranger: Well, is that the only bad thing you've done? I mean like pot and stuff. Trust me, cops go all out if they try to get someone on their second offence.
L DSexy: well obvs ive blazed
L DSexy but ive never been caught
L DSexy: and i beat a girl once but i didnt get caught so that never happened
Stranger: Fair enough. Well if you do end up dropping the car, make sure all of that stuff is well out of your house for a little while.
L DSexy: ya for sure
L DSexy: and i mean i live in a predomenently black nieghboorhood
L DSexy: me and nik and emily are the only white people on our block
Stranger: So you kind of stick out then?
L DSexy: ya
Stranger: Fair enough.
L DSexy: so we got associated with tyce
L DSexy: and his crew
L DSexy: bad dudes man
L DSexy and my name is marshall so you could imagine the nicknames i have
Stranger: Hah, ya I can
Stranger: Well I better bounce. Thats my advice, from the perspective of myself, in the police academy.
L DSexy: your a cop?
Stranger: Not yet
Stranger: So dont worry, haha
L DSexy: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
Stranger: Nah, I no need to be worried. Even if I was, its the internet, you're completley anonymous
L DSexy: where are you from?
Stranger: Besides, I bet you would be way the heck out of my jurisdiction. I'm in Canada
L DSexy: shit
L DSexy: me too
Stranger: Lol, thats funny.
L DSexy montreal?
Stranger: Not at all.
L DSexy: where?
Stranger: Up in northern Saskatchewan
L DSexy: o well
L DSexy: can i tell you sommn?
Stranger: Sure
L DSexy: youve been completly pranked FTP!!!!

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