Your Mum Hi

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just read the dam,n thing

Submitted: September 12, 2009

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Submitted: September 12, 2009



L DSexy: tell ur mum i say hi
Stranger: heey
Stranger: :)
L DSexy: i fuck on the first date
L DSexy: is your mum down for that?
L DSexy: coud you ask her please?
Stranger: no
L DSexy: why not?
Stranger: my mum is not here
L DSexy: well could you call her?
Stranger: i am in university
L DSexy: ok
L DSexy: call her
Stranger: she is busy
L DSexy: yea i know shes getting ready for me
L DSexy: just call her
L DSexy: and say
L DSexy: i fuck on the first date are you down
Stranger: u from?
L DSexy: nigga shut up
L DSexy: and call yo mommy
Stranger: i hate u
L DSexy: thats fine
L DSexy: your mommy loves me
L DSexy: more then she loves you
Stranger: my mum love my father
L DSexy: no she loves my dick
Stranger: not you
L DSexy: nope
L DSexy: she loves me
Stranger: she love me ,not you
L DSexy: nope she loves my big dick
L DSexy: in her sweet pink pussy
Stranger: where is your mum ?
L DSexy: i killd her
Stranger: why?
L DSexy: its ok thou
L DSexy: cuz i have your mum now
Stranger: you love her ,why did you kill her?
L DSexy: your mum loves to lick my penis
L DSexy: no i love your mum
L DSexy: not my mum
Stranger: i am sorry ,i don't want to talk to you now
L DSexy: why not?
Stranger: i love my mum
L DSexy: i love your mum also
L DSexy: maybe we could love her togther?
Stranger: you even don't konw her ,why you say you love her ?
L DSexy: cuz she likes to worship my dick
L DSexy: so i love her
Stranger: no,she doesn't
L DSexy: yes she does
Stranger: could you wait a moment?
L DSexy: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope
L DSexy: needa bye condoms for your mother
L DSexy: peace out girl scout

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