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just ryhming

Submitted: September 15, 2009

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Submitted: September 15, 2009



pop pop nigga ya i put you in the groound

pop pop nigga only needed one rouuund

pop pop nigga you never gunna be found

pop pop nigga no body ever gunna see you around

again your dead i burried you beaneath the dirt

my trigger finger got excited nigga it kinda hurt

but not as much as the whole in yo brain

o shit nigga theres yo girl i need some brainz

nigga you got murked you done slain

2 bullets then one 2 end your paiiiin
bitch im insaaaaaane

look at the staaaiiins

dried up blood nigga red like my chain

niggas know my naaaaaaaaame

cuz im hunting on your street

cross with me

i guarantee

you gunna be beat
yo bitch is on my seat

and by seat i mean my lap

groping my cock so big she thought it was my strap

nigga its a trap

you gunna get clapd

i took your bitch so now im pushn your hood of da map

my name is tyreke

fuckd yo bitch in the ass so hard she couldnt sit for a week

nigga when yo bitch some around my dick is like a peak

niggas could ski down that shit

but they cant cuz yo girls mouth made it sleak

now i dont meen to be mean

its a bit obscene

but when im out on the scene

i seem to get seen

bitches like damn hes the man in my dreams

imaa feed  em my creams

while i sit on my cream

coloured seat in my red fararri

if i fuck ya too hard ill say sahrry

wait no i wont

it  was a just  a joke

cut the chitter chat lets go toke

a smoke

ya nigga im on fire

bitch you are a liar

from my dick to yo girls pussy my cum i will transpire

well yours expires

cuz youll never use yo dick

mine is harder then a brick

i give yours a flick

and that shit got smushed like a tick

tick tick
hear that its a bomb

im about to go off

i can feel the room shake im about to set off

im osama bin laden nigga terrorist for life

imm gunna kill everyone except your wife!

im sneaking through your rooms with a gun and knife

a gun if i wanna bang a knife for a slice

bitch dont roll the dice

your shit out of luck

dont wake up or youll get gun buckd
bitch you talkd when you shoulda suckd

now im gunna have to end your life

why why i just stole you yoiu were his wife

now ur gunna lay there in the eyes of god

while ill pull the trigger quick like a lighting rod

bitch you should of thought about this shit

before you fuckd my dick

you shoulda known im straight crazy
im mentally sick

now bitch for my last my trick

will dissapear

out into the night

strike some more fright

L DSexy you know this shit was tight

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