words are a muther fucker they can be great

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ok so for all you haters who are gunna say im threatning my mom in this shit your lost ok its all fiction ya i have a bad relationship with my mom but i would never go get a gun i live in canada ight that shits illegal jk jk no seriously i would never hurt my mom its just a ay to express so hopefully you take this into account before commenting that im a sick fuck

Submitted: October 04, 2009

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Submitted: October 04, 2009



you always have to be lookin'
and snoopin'
and creepn'
your always in my shit why don't you listen
when i say
get the fuck out of my life
before i go buy a nice hunting knife
and i do it myself in the middle of the night
you always think your right
but cant you see that your wrong
why the fuck do you think i needed a bong
so i could escape from this shit
it just takes one hit
then i'm fuck'd up off it
and i forget about you

but you could never realize that cuz your just to blind
your just to blind to see your sick in the mind
you make me wanna go out and load a nine
that's the difference between a real mom and you
you make me wanna kill when i should say I love you

but i don't !
how could i, don't you remember
the time you hit me and wrapped your hands on my throat
and i was still so young only ten years old
what the fuck is wrong with you how can your heart be so cold
or do you even have one
hurry up and answer before i get the gun

put it up to your head and cock it
pull the trigger pop it
mommy mommy stop it
that was me before but look who's screamin' this time
should a thought about this when i was 12 and started selln' dime
and now i up'd my game
ski mask on my face while i rob the people on the train
and if i ever get caught i can plead insane
did you ever even think about the pain?
that your actions would inflict
or were you too busy munchn' on dick

i'm to quick quickity-split
i would split quicker then your legs cuz i'm sick of this shit
and you don't even see
how your actions impact me
you just blame
and call names
and you hit and you kick
me out of the house
don't you care
its unfair
don't call me your son
cuz im not anymore
go curl up in a ball you selfish whore!
- LDSexy

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