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It's something I started, but needed to know if I should continue, or not. In short, its just a simple introduction. Showcasing what other chapters would be like.

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011



C1 Uplift

Awoken by the distorted thoughts running riot in his mind, Lincoln raised his head in panic. Out of breath, and grabbing at his lower leveled desk, he was fazed. Panic screams echoed across the 4 story-house. A life he truly didn’t desire any longer, but had no way of escaping the anguished thoughts. Torment and imperfection fed on his spiritual energies, turning him into a person whom disregarding his own previous beliefs of being someone of value in the eyes of humanity, and most prominently, himself.

His mother almost immediately came up the stairs, thundering through the door in panic. Lincoln would think his mother overreacted some times. Nonetheless, he was pretty content with having someone who cared enough around him. Alice, his mother, was cautious, pretty, and very impressive in the realms of accountancy. Her eyes a solid green, her hair lay out, as if it had just inhaled an impressive scent of life. As she helped him out of bed, he glanced at her face. Lincoln wasn’t the type for untimely conversations with anyone, unless it involved something of utmost importance.

Still being pursued by the deepen thoughts of abolishment, and abandonment, Lincoln rose his head stiffly. His blue eyes were ones of astonishment considering his mother and father both possessed green eyes. Lincoln always thought this indicated a new ‘level’ of thinking being introduced. He took his eyes as somewhat of a gift. The delightful glares of others when they saw him with his family didn’t help quell his ego. Not a day went by when he didn’t feel he could do anything he wanted, if he wanted too. The roof of his room was laced with a shiny blue wire. Dangled from it was his memory of his time with his friends before his family was eliminated from their home. Posing as a vital reminded to his demeaning lifestyle, he held this as his personal methodology.

The world was getting no better. Economical issues were on the rise, unemployment was beginning to hit an all time high, and Lincoln’s family was in the midst of it. His father, Jefferson, was a financial analyst/Economist. Studied at Lemonous University, he acquired the very best skills. His mother wouldn’t accept any less. He didn’t enjoy reading much, but the prospect of money was held in high regards. He knew by tackling the subject, he may be able to dominate most markets. This, to him, was the almighty win. In 1993, Jefferson landed luckily. He attended a Network Economic Conference and found he had an impressive ability to understand what he nicknamed ‘Manipulomics’. This was what he thought of politics, and economics. They were both just a game in which the winner is the one who hides his ulterior motive better. Later in 2002, he was employed by the government to monitor the current conditions plaguing the economy.

His country of residence, Danamy, was hardworking, and looking to take its rise to the top in the slightest move. Filled with prospects, and goals, Jefferson wanted to push it. His desire for financial recognition was also something the government officials wanted to retain in their force. Having a man who knew the capabilities of knowledge, and desired money, was something which any government had as an hidden agenda. Portraying would cause dismay. Hiding it was a professional’s game. Jefferson was always on top form in those matches.

PS: If you would me to continue, please let me know. All types of feedback is welcomed. Thanks for reading.

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