Embracing the Reaper

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Sometimes facing our own dark thoughts can be the creepiest thing. Winner of TheNextBigWriter 2006 Halloween Poetry Competition.

Submitted: November 22, 2006

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Submitted: November 22, 2006



Embracing the Reaper

The Reaper stood in the shadows.

I could feel he was lonely like me.

I wonder if I would embrace him

might we both become free?

Does he feel the pain

I wonder

of the souls he escorts

as bodies are torn


turned cold,

laid under,

the perfect squares of sod?

Do they wish to dance

across fiery floors of Hell?

Does he escort them

to the gates of Heaven

where they wait


will they be rejected

here as well

by an unforgiving God?

Do they fight the last few inches

outside his grasp?

Do they beg to say goodbye

to loved ones

lost ones

making amends

for wrongs

real and imagined

their last gasp


The reaper stands in the shadows

I have no question he is there.

I wonder if I embraced him

would he even care?

© Copyright 2020 L P Thomas. All rights reserved.

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