The Real Truth About The Holy Bible

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Many people take the bible literally when in fact the bible is a metaphysical book with hidden meanings. The bible has many layers to it using analogy and parables to explain hidden meanings. The bible is astrology, the human body and so much more.

Submitted: July 13, 2014

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Submitted: July 13, 2014



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The "REAL" Truth About The Holy Bible

Written by L. Palmer

Most people believe the Holy Bible is the true word of Almighty God. They believe that every word along with all the stories in the bible are true. With all the different religions around the world, each religion wants us to believe THEIR God is the true and living God. They would kill their fellow man just to prove their point when in reality there is only ONE SOURCE of power we all call God.

MILLIONS of people have died for their religious believes over the past 2000 years not understanding the real meaning of the bible. Those who take the bible literally are ignorant of the bibles true meaning. Please don't take the word ignorant to be an offensive term it only means a person doesn't know.

The truth is, the bible is a metaphysical book about astrology, numbers, measurements, the human body and so much more. The stories are told in story form with analogies and parables. Even Jesus said to his disciples that he spoke in parables to get his point across. They are not to be taken literally.

I am no one special or am I a highly educated person, nor do I have all the answers to the biblical mysteries. You may even find misspelled words or comma's in the wrong place in this report but I hope you will continue to read what I have learned regardless of errors. I believe this information will change your life.

After reading the bible for many years and doing extensive research, I felt it was my duty to at least write a brief report about what I found to help wake people up. It will be tough for some folks to understand because the fear of going to hell is what keeps people in ignorance.

I, myself, had to get rid of the fear of going to hell which helped me to be comfortable enough to research all types of metaphysical topics. Then one day while looking at a zodiac wheel it was as if a light came on in my head and all the pieces of the puzzle came together in a matter of minutes.

There is no doubt that the bible has lots of wisdom and truth but people read the surface stories not understanding the deeper meanings of the scripture's. The bible has many layers to it. The surface layer is for the profane (ignorant) and the metaphysical layers are for the adept students  of the occult who deal in hidden secrets and mysteries. When I use the term profane and ignorant, it's because this is how the elite at the time viewed the masses. (they still do) Also, don't be afraid of the word occult. The true definition of occult means "HIDDEN".

The truth is, there is no God sitting on a throne with a gold crown on his head judging man for his sins. You judge yourself when you don't take care of your body. The temple of God...IS YOUR BODY. You have to develope your mind, body and spirit. This is why God said..."my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge." God gave you "FREE WILL" to be ignorant or to educate yourself!

Remember...the Kingdom of heaven is WITHIN not in the sky. Right here on earth! This existence we live in now is just an illusion. To set yourself free, you need to "SEEK" knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It is said that knowledge is food for the spirit.
(John 6:63)

Good and evil co-exsist on earth now as we know it. There are negative forces working AGAINST you to keep you asleep. It's up to YOU to work your way out of the marix. Planet earth is a prison planet high-jacked by negative entities 1000's of years ago. Even Jesus explains this in Matthew 13:25. Both the wheat and the tares have to grow together untill the time of harvest. There are beings walking the planet now who look human but are not. They are souless beings who go against the spirit or the light. We were given a hint when the astronauts landed on the moon. "...One small step for giant leap for MANKIND."  There is Man and MANKIND walking the planet now. Because these beings have no soul, there is no light in them. This is why they seek to destroy the earth and everything on it.

My purpose for writing this report is NOT to get you to stop believing in a higher power we call GOD but to get you to undestand the bible is based mainly on astrology and the human body! There is nothing wrong with studying the stars and planets but you do have to keep GOD first in your life before anything else. "Seek Yea First The Kingdom..." . You must understand that we are all ONE and the darkside wants to keep us all divided!!!

I am only going to touch on points of the bible being ASTROLOGY in this brief report! I won't go through all the zodiac ages but only those in reference to the Old and New Testament. I will start with Egypt (Taurus) and work my way to the Kingdom of heaven. (Aquarius). The return of the SUN/SON. Note: Suns are stars.

I hope this brief report will be convincing to you. It will be so simple to understand that I don't really need scriptures to prove my point. All you need is a basic knowledge of bible stories, follow the zodiac wheel on the last page as a reference of the ages and have an open mind. The facts I will present will blow your mind. Some of you may even get upset, disgusted or confused. Don't worry though, I'll reveal all you need to know to set you free from this matrix we live in!

Let us begin:


The Age of Taurus:

The Symbol for the zodiac sign Taurus is the BULL.

Taurus is also an earth sign.

During the age of Taurus we have the Egyptians who believed that cows-bulls-bovine were sacred. They would NEVER dare eat their flesh or drink their milk. The tombs of the sacred "BULLS" are still in Egypt today. Even in eastern religions, the cow is still sacred to this very day. The Egyptian goddess Isis is seen wearing a headress with bull horns with a sun disk in the middle because the SUN was the source of their power. That's why they were called sun worshippers. The cow horns represent the age of Taurus the bull. Taurus is an earth sign which is why they built great monuments like the pyramids that have lasted 1000's of years. Keep in mind we are dealing with four basic elements. Earth, air, fire and water. The 5th element is your spirit.

I want to go off topic a bit to give you the basic meaning of the Egyptian Gods Osiris, Horus and Set before we move on to the other ages.

Inside of our brains we have what is called a "Pineal Gland" which is part of the endocrine system. Some call it the seat of the soul where GOD dwells. The symbol of the all seeing eye is actually the pineal gland in the Egyptian myth.

Osiris was the father of Horus and Set. If you break down the name Osiris, Os means OPEN and iris means EYE. Together, Osiris means "Open Eye" which is the pineal gland fully open and completely functional. This is the eye symbol on the back of the U.S. One Dollar Bill over the pyramid.

Horus represents the Sun and Set his brother represents Darkness. Set slew his brother Horus BUT, Horus is said to be RESURRECTED at a later date or age. This is where you get sunrise and sunset. We are in the time of Set which is a time of darkness. A time of hate, wars and rumors of war. A time of misery, selfishness, racism etc.. Keep in mind that Isis and Horus are the same as Mary and Jesus. They are just two different myths for two different ages.

When Horus/Jesus the son/sun is resurrected, he will activate our pineal glands and we become as GODS, or the children of GOD once again. Our brains will be working at full capacity instead of the 10% we use today.

I don't want to dwell to much on the topic of the Egyptians in this brief report. Please do your own research for more information on the Egyptian Gods.

Also, do some research on Mithra and the bull cult to get more understanding on the age of Taurus. Mithra was around much earlier then Jesus the son of God. As a matter of fact, Mithra was also born on December 25th, way before Jesus. I kid you not! Look it up!

The Age of Aries:

The Symbol for the zodiac sign for Aries is the RAM.

Aries is also a FIRE sign.

God told Moses who lived in Egypt at one time to lead his people the Israelites out of Egypt. God first spoke with Moses in a burning bush. Aries is a FIRE SIGN. He wanted to lead the Israelites out of Taurus (earth sign) into the new age of Aries. (fire sign) Keep in mind it was the egyptian priest who created the bible. Is-Ra-El = Isis, Ra and El. Amen comes from Amun Ra the egyptian sun God.

When God tested Abraham by having him sacrifice his son Isaac as an offering, God changed his mind and had Abraham sacrifice a RAM that was stuck by the horns in a thicket as an offering instead. The Ram is the zodiac symbol for the sign Aries. The jewish people still use the rams horn called the shofar today. All animal sacrifices were mainly BURNT offerings on the altar. Blood represents fire and spirit in metaphysics. This is why you see so many references to blood.

The lamb, as a burnt offering, was part of Jewish ritual. (fire sign)

Remember when Moses came down from the mountain top? What were the Israelites doing? They created a "GOLDEN CALF" because it reminded them of Egypt and the age of Taurus, the previous age. Of course, Moses BURNT the golden calf to ashes afterward.

The sign of Taurus was also considered the time of the Egyptian god SET. A time of darkness. This is why Yahweh wanted his people to follow the "NEW MOONS" to observe the sabbath days. The moon represents night which was the total opposite of the previous age that worshipped the sun.

NOTE: Muslim's worship on Friday the day of Venus. The crescent you see in their symbol is really Venus. Most people believe it is the moon but they are wrong. Venus is the only planet when viewed from planet earth that can't be seen in it's entirety. Therefore, you have Venus and the star as the muslim symbol.

Some people observe the sabbath on Saturday strictly because this idea came from the Saturnalia cult who worshipped the planet Saturn instead of following Yahweh's new moon sabbath's. Do some research on the saturnalia cult. The planet Saturn is really Satan.

Sunday is the worship of Jesus the Son/Sun of GOD.

Once again we have Friday (Venus) for Muslims - Saturday (Saturn) for Jews - Sunday (Sun) for Jesus. The day's of the week are named after heavenly bodies!!!

Monday is for the moon. Tuesday is for Mars. Wednesday is for Mercury. Thursday is for Jupiter. It's all about astrology!

Planet's are living entities! All planet's in our solar system have an affect on our bodies in one way or another! If the moon can affect the tides, wouldn't they also affect us when we are 75% water? This is why hospital emergency rooms are so busy during FULL MOONS. Luna means moon  So some people become "LUNATICS" during the full moon. We are affected by the angle of light because the sun shines off the moon instead of the sun hitting directly on us at night. FYI: Angels are angles of light-energy or high vibrational beings.

The opposite sign for Aries is Libra.

The symbol for Libra is the Scale of Justice.

Libra is also an AIR sign.

God said that in the end he would judge man's sin (Scales of Justice) by sending his angels in the CLOUDS. That's because Libra is an AIR SIGN. The scales represent  judgement and the weighing of souls that dates back to ancient Egypt and before. The scale also represents the weighing of the HARVEST.

In the OT, the prophet Job asked that God..."weigh him in the scales of justice."  While Belshazzar was..."weighed in the balance and found wanting." Your good deeds should out weigh your bad deeds. You remove all bad karma when you do good deeds and get people to connect to the spirit. This is why the darkside wants to keep you from finding out the truth. They are locked out of heaven and want the same for you. Entertainer Bruno MARS even did a song called..."Locked Out of Heaven."

Now we move into the sign of Pisces. (Jesus)

The symbol for Pisces are Two Fish.

Pisces is also a Water sign.

Jesus was called the lamb of God in the begining of the New Testament but Jesus wanted to go with the fisherman instead because it was a change in the ages. He told the disciples he wanted them to be fisher's of men. The sign of Pisces is a WATER sign.

When Jesus fed the multitudes, he fed them with 2 FISH and 5 loaves of bread. Two fish is the symbol of the age of Pisces. Jesus also did a lot of his preaching in a fishing boat on water. He even walked on water and changed water into wine at the wedding feast.

Jesus was also called Ichthus in the early stages of Christianity which means FISH. The letter "J" in Jesus represents a hook that hooks the fishes which are mens souls. Fish = souls in metaphysics.

A Bishop's hat called a mitre is in the shape of a FISH head. The church ate FISH on Friday's in rememberance of the planet Venus and the age of Pisces.

Jesus had 12 disciples which represents the 12 houses of the zodiac which are the 12 tribes of Israel. 12 numbers on a clock. 12 months in a calendar year. 12 inches to a foot. 12 to a dozen etc.

When John the Baptist baptized the people he baptized them in WATER. Once again the TWO FISH and WATER equals the age of Pisces.

Even the fish symbol people put on the back of their cars is telling people Jesus represents the age of Pisces and they don't have a clue.

The opposite sign to Pisces is Virgo.

The symbol for Virgo is a VIRGIN and the letter "M".

Jesus' mother was the VIRGIN "M"ARY. The virgin is the symbol for Virgo along with the letter "M"  which is for Mary. The virgin of Virgo is also considered a grain goddess often times seen holding a stalk of wheat. Wheat and barley is grown in earth. Virgo is an EARTH sign. We all know bread is made of wheat (It was wheat and barley back then) but I'm still trying to figure out what the NUMBER 5 represents in regards to the 5 loaves of bread. If you know, drop me a line. The letter "m" represents water waves. Also, the letter "M" is for maritime law which is WATER.

Example: You have water CURRENTS that run along the BANKS of a river. Money is also considered CURRENCY which we deposit in the BANK. When a ship needs to dock in a port it has to get a BIRTHing certificate to dock which lets that country know the ships name, contents, weight and it's origin. When a pregnant woman's WATER breaks and she has a child, she has to get a BIRTH certificate stating her name, the babies name along with the size and weight of the baby which is her cargo.

Once again, water represents the age of Pisces. Do some research on maritime law for more information.


Now we move into the sign of Aquarius

The symbol for Aquarius is a man pouring out a pitcher of Water.

Aquarius is also an Air sign.

In Luke 22:10, Jesus told his disciples to follow the man with the pitcher of water and follow him into the house he entereth in. That house is the age of Aquarius. He's pouring out the water from his pitcher(s) in Pisces into the age of Aquarius, the new age of enlightenment. 1000 years of peace on earth spoken of in the book of Revelation. (Rev. 20:2-3) That is when Jesus will sup with us. Remember a day with the lord is as a 1000 years. If Jesus died over 2000 years ago, this means the dawning of the 3rd day is about to begin.

Jesus said that in the end he would come in the clouds where all eyes would see him. Jesus also said in Revelation 2:28 and 22:16 that HE was the BRIGHT and MORNING STAR because he represents the dawning of a new age. The dawn of a new day! Aquarius is an AIR sign.

The Opposite sign to Aquarius is Leo.

The symbol for Leo is the LION.

Leo is also a FIRE sign.

Jesus told his disciples that God would baptize men with fire instead of water at the end. Fire represents spirit in metaphysics.

The age of Aquarius and the age of Leo are ages of enlightenment. Hence, the LION of Judah being the first and most important tribe to God. Judah is Leo the lion hearted. An age of love and compassion. Jesus is the STAR (stars are suns) of Bethlehem in Judea. (Judah) The magi or 3 kings follow after him to give him gold, frankincense and myrrh. (wealth) Even the movie "The Lion King" speaks on the golden age of peace when the lion cub (the son) becomes king. This is why you see the "Lion's Head" sphinx in Egypt which represented the age of Leo.

Keep in mind that Obama's slogan was "Dawn of A New Day" or something to that effect which also means the age of Aquarius.

We are now in the age of Aquarius! The colors yellow/gold and blue represent the age of Leo and Aquarius! If you watch television at all, you'll see lots of yellow, gold and blues in the graphics of television commercial's and shows. Gold/yellow (sun colors) for the age of Leo and blue (water and sky) for the age of Aquarius. You'll see rainbow colored logos like the NBC peacock. In time, you'll begin to see these color's everywhere you look if you have "eyes to see"

According to my research, a star will appear (the star of Bethlehem) then illuminate 10,000 times it's original power. It will take about 3 days for it to reach full power. The earth will then be full of light. There will be no darkness. Light and dark as we see it now creates good and evil. Or duality. Up down, in out, left right, black white, light and shadow etc. We will all be on one accord. Love and light will be the order. The wealthy and the powerful will return all the wealth they stole and man will be as one. Even the planets in the solar system will be as one. The main reason we are so screwed up now is because of the planets fighting against each other. A new heaven and a new earth!

Clear Reference's About Astro Bodies and Star Systems

Here are a few scriptures for you to look up in regards to planets and star systems like Orion, Pleiades and Arturus in the bible.

Judges 5:20 -- Acts 14:12 --- Job 1:6 - 9:9 - 38:31 --- Amos 5:8

The Four Ages of Man

The same way the earth has seasons (winter-spring-summer-fall) so does the solar system as it moves through the universe. This is where you get the four ages of man. The golden age, silver age, bronze age and the iron age. Just like the four seasons on earth. "...On earth as it is in heaven."  Our DNA is being upgraded and we will once again have full brain capacity instead of just the ten percent we use on the left side when we hit summer or the Golden Age. We connect back to the source of all power!

Reference's Regarding Light In The Bible

Isaiah 30:26 - Isaiah 60:1-3 - Isaiah 60:19-20 - Ezeliel 43:2 - Acts 26:13 - Malachi 4:2 - 1Thessalonians 5:5 - John 1:5 - John 8:12 - Rev.21:23,25 - Rev. 22:5  NOTE: I will explain about the light below. I just want you to understand how important light is first.

The left side of the brain represents the goat (bad guys - dark or negative side) and the right side represents the sheep. (good guys - light or positive side) Jesus said when he returned the goats will be on his left and the sheep on his right. (Matt. 25: 33, 41)

Jesus was born in a stable with the animals which represents his beastly state. 666 is the mark of the beast which is our lower self. 666 also represents materialism. In astrology the cross means mammon or material wealth. This is why Jesus died on the cross. The cross is spiritual death. This is why rappers wear the cross because it's all about money. Our lower self is the part of us that is okay with war, hate, racism, turning our back on the poor etc.. We were born to be creators (life) but now we have become consumers (death).

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (Mark 8:36)

Most believe (if they believe) that Jesus died for their sins so they can do whatever they want! They have no idea how wrong they are!

The same way you nourish your body, you must nourish your consciousness with knowledge, wisdom and understanding to become enlightened. Everything in the universe vibrates. The higher you vibrate the closer you are to God or the source. You have to climb Jacobs ladder (raising your vibration) by using and activating the chakras along your spinal column.

Chakras are energy centers throughout the body. One of the chakras is your SOLar plexus. Sol means SUN. There is a sun in the sky, a sun inside the earth and a sun inside YOU. The key is to raise your energy (chi, prana etc.) up to the HEART chakra which is your connection to the spirit world. This is why the bible say's that GOD judges the heart of man. (Rev. 2:23) You then continue raising your energy to the pineal gland and beyond until you get to the crown chakra at the top of your head. This is the light depicted shining around Jesus' head.

The 7 main chakras in the body match up perfectly with the 7 colors of the rainbow and can be tuned by the 7 musical notes. This is why it is so important for you to get as much sunlight as you can.  The 7 colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue,indigo and violet. You can even keep crystals around you because they have the 7 colors of the rainbow inside them. This is the technicolored coat that Joseph in the bible wore. It wasn't a real coat it was a metaphysical teaching to represent the 7 colors of the rainbow. When they are all activated you will find favor with God. Joseph became the pharoahs #1 man because of his very high vibration. Joseph had a full connect to the spirit world. If you look up the root word "CHROM" in the word chromosome, you'll see it means...COLOR.

Jacobs ladder represents the chakra system that angels (light beings) climb up and down. If you read Genesis 28:11-12, verse 11 say's the sun was set because it is letting you know it was the time of set. A time of darkness. The time we are in now. Jacob took stones (crystals) and used them as pillows and while he slept the angels (angels are angles of light) climbed up and down the ladder which are the 7 chakras on your spine. The mind, body and spirit connection! NOTE: There are many more chakras in the body but these are the 7 major ones.

If you want mind blowing dreams that are full of color and detail, plus, have the angels climb up and down your ladder, get yourself a selenite stick and place it under your pillow when you sleep at night. You can get them on Ebay or at your local new age store that sells crystals. (call first so you don't waste time or gas if they don't have one.)

Revelation 5:1 speaks of the right side where Jesus sits in you, a book within, (your knowledge) on your back are seven seals which are your 7 chakras. Read ALL of Revelation chapter 5 and you'll see that in verse 5, it tells you that the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH has the power to open the seals which are all the chakras to illuminate the "RIGHT" side of your brain to make you RIGHTeous once again.  If you read Numbers 2:9, it states that the number of the tribe of Judah was 186,400. 186,400 is the approximate speed of light. The 7 churchs in revelation 2 and 3 also represent the 7 chakras. They are not real churches!

You should at least keep a quartz crystal in your pocket because it has the 7 colors of the rainbow. If you hold the crystal just right, you can see the rainbows in them. Carrying a crystal is like carrying the sun in your pocket and it will keep your chakras clear. You need to recharge your crystals just like you recharge a car battery. When at home, keep your crystal(s) in "SEA SALT" to recharge it, then take it out after a few hours or even better overnight.

Jesus said if you practice the "SINGLE EYE", (Matt:6:22) then your whole body will be full of light. This means you need to activate your pineal gland which is your 3rd eye. The "ALL SEEING EYE" which is the 6th chakra between your two physical eyes. It is your "SPIRITUAL EYE" connected to the spirit world.

Jesus told his disciples to cast their nets to the right side (John 21:6) because there are two hemisphere's of the brain. The left and the right. The right side of the brain is actually the garden of Eden. As you face north, east is always on the right side. The right side is also considered the upper room. The large room that is fully furnished. That is where you meet Jesus. Activating your upper chakras gives you access to the upper room. (Luke 22:11-12) This is why God say's so often that he will use his right arm or his right hand to do his will. (RIGHTeous) Or, he'll always mention coming from the east or eastward. Just like lightening, the son of man is coming from the east!!! (Matthew 24:30) Jesus warned that many would come in his name saying they are Christ. Christ is just a title like the title King. There was even a Barr-Jesus (Acts13:6) during Jesus time who was a sorcerer and a magician. Jesus tells us how he will appear when he returns in Luke 17:24. He returns as a brilliant light that lights up heaven and even under heaven.

Jesus is really the SUN (or star) of God. The sun of RIGHTeousness with healing in it's wings. (sun rays) The SUN will once again shine brightly in the age of Aquarius as it does in the age of LEO .These are the two Golden Ages of the zodiac. When the time comes, some people will wake up faster then others.  That's why the bible calls them "FIRST FRUITS". If you are already "SUN KISSED" you will have a head start if your mind, body and soul are intact. "...The first shall be last and the last shall be first!"

The new first will be the one's who have gained knowledge, wisdom and understanding. The one's who learned how to clean their temples. (body) They learned how to avoid eating certain foods that calcify the pineal gland like milk, chesse, icecream, fluoride etc..They also understand that eating meat lowers their vibration so they choose to become vegetarians or vegans. They also begin to lose weight to become lighter. You have to be light in body to be in optimal health. This is where the term "light body" comes from! You have to be light in body and spirit.

Those with wisdom avoid genetically modified foods because they have no life force energy. Why do you think fast food places are open 24/7? Not only is it junk food but they give you the modified foods which cuts you off from the spirit world. Why do you think most fast food is so cheap with their dollar menu's? Why do you think 2/3rd's of the American public is FAT and overweight? This is all done by design to keep you from knowing who you are and the power you have.

The enlightened one's also understand that the "HEART" is more then just a muscle to pump blood but is a "BRAIN" that connects to the spirit world just like the brain in our head controls the body. This is why the Egyptians when embalming a body would throw out the brain and keep the heart. This is also why heart health is so important. Avoid high blood pressure because it affects the natural rhythm of the heart.

Eventually, we'll all wake up because the energy from the sun will be so intense! (if you have a soul) BUT, wouldn't you want to be part of the first fruits? When flowers bloom, they don't bloom at the same time. Who knows what trials the late bloomer's will have to face. The darkside is going to fight this with all they have.

Understand that we are ALL nuts in one way or another. "...Let he without sin, cast the first stone."  It's important not to judge anyone because none of us are perfect at this time. We are all battling demons so to speak. You couldn't be perfect if you wanted too. The MOST important thing we can do is STOP the hate and begin to spread LOVE!!! AVOID ALL NEGATIVE SITUATIONS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!! Always find time to meditate or be in a quiet place to recharge your mind, body and spirit. Love = Light! The more light you have the better off you'll be!

Don't think of your life as just a physical experience. You are being distracted to keep you in the physical when you are really a spirit being.

Example: If you want to contact a spirit you need a SEER or MEDIUM to CHANNEL the spirit. A television set is a MEDIUM (MEDIA) in the physical world and you use TV CHANNEL's to SEE the signals from the station. Another name for space or heaven is ETHER. When you connect to the wireless internet you connect to the EHTERnet. Remember, what you do in the physical is also manifested in the spirit world. Spirit's know what you are all about because it is in your aura. Love and light shows in your spirit along with your evil deeds.

Danger's Of Seedless Produce

Read Gen. 1: 29 - 30. You are to eat "SEED BEARING" herbs/fruit. SEEDS PEOPLE!!! Why is it we are now eating SEEDLESS fruit? Seedless food has no life force energy. Therefore, you have a very low vibration if you consume them. They use lab created seeds that can include genes of animals and who knows what else. They knew some people would wise up to eating meat so they created foods to include genetics of other life forms. When you keep your vibration high enough, no evil can touch you.

Some meat eaters think they are safe because they eat only organically raised fruit and vegetables from local farms with their meat. BUT, being a meat eater can still be very dangerous for you.

Example: At one time cows grazed strictly on grass and nothing else. Now cows are fed genetically modified corn. So you are still getting these modified foods in your body when you eat meat and consume dairy products. You hear companies bragging about how their chickens are not given steroids or hormones (this is by law and not by choice by the way) but they don't tell you they feed them modified corn. Think about a pig. A pig eats anything that's in front of him. So he'll eat any of the genetically modified foods given to it.

Here is something else that should peak your interest. Did you know that cows are also being fed M&M candies? If you don't believe me Google "cows and m&m's ". There are lots of strange things going on in this world but most people don't have a clue! They don't have..."eyes to see or ears to hear." If you eat meat you become part of the food chain so don't get upset when the aliens come to feed during harvest time. They love fat guts that hang over the belt for some reason. I won't get into aliens in this report because it will frighten you. Just raise your vibration and they will stay far away from you. NOTE: Did you know that drinks like Red Bull are made from the adrenalin of bulls? Now why would they do this?

How Do I Know All This?

"Seek Yea First The Kingdom..."

Do as Jesus did and study Egypt and Eastern religions and not just the bible. Jesus didn't perform miracles until after he educated himself. Learn about new age teachings. Learn about crystals & semi-precious stones, These minerals are good for the human body. (amethyst, citrine, quartz, agate, etc.) Learn how they enhance the body and spirit. Even the priest in the OT used crystals on their breast plates. In Revelation 21 19 - 21 it speaks about the crystal city with all types of crystals and stones. Did your pastors ever explain to you why this is so? Learn all about the chakra system in the body and how crystals help to activate, clear and align them.

You have to connect mind, body and spirit to become enlightened. If you are just reading the word and not putting in the work, you are limiting yourself. Once again, it's about Mind, Body and Spirit!!!

Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding is the key! Even Jesus said you could do even greater things then he did. (John 14:12) It all depends on how much work you put in. There are 3 major ways to raise your vibration. Great sex with someone you love, devotion which is deep prayer and knowledge, wisdom & understanding.

If you raise your vibration and consciouness high enough, you can control the elements. You'll be able to control matter to a point where you can do some amazing things. You are more powerful then you think! You are being held back with so many distractions to keep you from learning the truth. Your body is a transceiver and your 5 sense's record, store and project out into the universe what it sense's. So, if you spend time watching violent television shows or videogames, listen to crappy music, abuse your body with to many sex partners, watching porn, alcohol and drugs, you attract a negative lifestyle. (low vibration) BUT, if you focus on wholesome things, you attract all types of goodies. God said he rewards those who..."diligently seek him."

Jesus said..."in my father's house there are many mansions" which I believe are different dimentions. The higher you can raise your vibration the higher you can go up in dimentions. We can sense people's vibrations already on the planet This is why some people can walk into a room and all eyes will be on them. They have a vibration that attracts people. But then, you have the type who walks into a room and you know in your spirit they are going to be trouble. That's because they have a low vibration. I'm not speaking on appearence's like the way a person dresses but their spirit. You know the type I'm talking about!!! Even wealth and power doesn't make you a good person! Some of the wealthiest people in the world are of low vibration and are the most demonic! Some have even sacrificed their own family members just for fame and fortune! They will pay for it in the end. Understand the way things are now, no one is perfect. it's impossible living this duality. you just do the best you can. Even so called evil people do nice things from time to time. It's not about sin but about vibration!!!

Now, is everyone going to make the shift? That I don't know for sure. I believe all races will make the shift only if they vibrate high enough.
One way to tell if you are making the shift is if you have ringing or buzzing in both ears. Also, your body should be feeling electric at times mainly at the top of your head. Another sign is if you can feel the vibration of crystals or stones. These are just the basic signs.

Way's To Raise Your Vibration:

1. Daily Meditation or sitting in silence.
2. Being around crystals and stones. Carry them in a pouch in your pocket. Put the pouch inside your pillowcase under the pillow when you sleep.
3. Dance in the spirit of thanksgiving no matter your situation. Be glad for this day. Tomorrow is not promised!
4. Enjoy being in nature. Feed the ducks, squirrels, birds etc..
5  Laugh even if times are tough. Watch comedy movies etc.
6. Protect yourself from electronics and cellphones/cell towers. These things were created to keep you in a low vibration. Buy and research orgone energy products.
7. Eat very little meat products if you have to eat meat.
8. Eat lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts etc.
9. Drink lots of distilled water.
10. Remove all negative thoughts, guilt, judgement and enjoy the present moment. Being still and centered is how you gain more energy.

 When your mind is filled with idol chatter of low vibrational thoughts, you are burning vital energy creating these thoughts!

Example: Imagine you are sitting in a car with the engine off. Now turn the car key to alternator. Turn the lights on high beam. Turn on the air-conditioner full blast. Turn on the wipers. Turn on the hazards. Turn on the radio. Turn on the ceiling lights. Honk the horn. Apply the breaks. Let the power windows up and down. Now how long do you think you can keep this up before the battery runs out? This is what you do to your energy when you have negative thoughts, hate, fear, racism, greed, jealousy etc.. Some people hold on to these negative thoughts 24/7. Replace these thoughts with silence; along with love, joy, peace and harmony.

Remember, you are here to serve and uplift others. Be a blessing and you will be blessed. If times are tough for you, then believe it or not thats a good sign because when things appear to be GREAT we slack up on connecting to the spirit.

We're Almost At The Finish Line!

The earth is now moving into the 5th dimension and if you don't prepare yourself in mind, body and spirit now, you won't survive the transition. This is why you see all those lines in the sky or the sky looks so hazy. They are trying to block the new energies from hitting the planet. Mother earth is rising up in vibration and if you don't rise up with her you are considered a virus and will be eliminated. You are going to start seeing lots of weird stuff going on in the world. It is already happening! People are going to be losing their minds. Even the weather conditions are becoming extreme. The only.way to survive is connecting to the spirit and raising your vibration. Try to get at least 1 hour of sunlight each day. Spend as much time as you can being around mother nature. The new energy's on the planet are upgrading our DNA. You can't get upgraded staying indoors all day. If you burn easily, then just spend a few minutes a day in the sun instead or find a nice shade tree.

Are you getting the picture now? You are in a matrix and it's up to you to wake up and take charge of your life! The reason we had to go through all this heart ache is so we can be like God. To experience good and evil. There is a scripture that say's, "...I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things." (Isiah 45:7) God didn't do this to be mean, God did it so we could be just like him. We are also little gODS!!! It's all about FREEWILL. You either choose to serve the light or to serve darkness. It's up to you!

Very soon, we'll be able to create our own universes and solar systems. There are BILLIONS of them all connected to the main souce or energy we call GOD!!! We are all going through a spiritual bootcamp so to speak and are about to graduate with high honors if we pass the final exams.

So, there you have it! My proof and more that the bible is based on astrology and the human body. Isn't it funny how the God of the OT forbids you to use astrology when the whole book is about astrology?!? Of course, this is the truth as I see it. It's up to you to research what I have written to make your own conclusions. This report is just a teaser! I haven't even scratched the surface. The bible is so much more then you think! Don't be a slave to religion and your church. Break away from the crowd and set yourself free. I hope this report has helped open your eyes. Please feel free to share this information with friends and family.

John 9:4-5

"I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.
As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world."

The Dawning Of A New Day Is Approaching!!!

This report is absolutely FREE and can be used in it's entirety as long as nothing is changed. Seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding and it will be given to you

.L. Palmer

NOTE: As I began to research more on the subject of the bible GOD has revealed the truth in regards to HER and all the false religions.

Jesus, Yaweh, Jehovah, Mohammad etc. are NOT your god but fallen angels. The TRUE GOD is Olodumere and the real creator's of MAN are the Orisha. 

Genesis 1 is the REAL GOD Olodumere! Genesis 2 begins the FAKE Gods rule! He is the Lord (lowered) god that created all of MANKIND and all the fake religions. These FALLEN ANGEL'S use MANY names to trick all the people of the earth!

The original people created by the ORISHA'S were Black/Red Africans. This is NOT a racist thing but the truth. It doesn't matter what race or color you are the ORIGINAL GODS, the ORISHA'S can turn things around for you. These Gods can do anything but you must turn to them. If you reach out to these fake gods Yahweh, Jesus, Jehova and Mohammad you will be taken to their heavens as SLAVES for eternity!

Please do yourself and family a favor and research Olodumere and the Orisha!


For more details visit youtube channel:

Mukila Balogun


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It would also encourage me to continue writing other reports that I have in mind.


Thank You!!!



© Copyright 2020 L Palmer. All rights reserved.

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