My day at the Fair

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a short story about a day out to the fun fair

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



Mum can we go to the park today,can we go to the fair?i promise to be a good girl i will be nice and share.

ok little darling we shall go after lunch now come and sit at the table its time to munch munch munch.

Thank you mum its going to be so much fun can we go quickly as soon as im done?im going to go on all the rides and scream scream scream then when we're finished can we please go for strawberry ice cream?

Ok little darling we will go after the fair now lets put on our coats so we can get there.

Wow at the fair there was so much to do i went on the teacups,the bumper cars and a giant slide to i played in the arcade and won a giant teddy,now we are having ice cream my belly was waiting for it ready ready ready.

Ok now little darling did you have a good day? ............whats the matter dont you have anything to say?..........Oh you have fallen asleep so i will take that as a yes now lets tuck you up in bed so you can get your rest rest rest.

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