Death Is Approaching

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Death Is Approaching...

Submitted: August 21, 2018

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Submitted: August 19, 2018



The peeling paint and smashed glass-panes of several ancient buildings.

The great clouds of smoke rising like steam from many buildings' chimney's

The many homeless beings abandoned in the streets, lurking in the crevices and alleys between buildings

Blood-stained paths

Horse-pulled carriages passing by; horses carelessly throwing about their manes

Death is approaching, carefully curious

The Plague is spreading.

The loose gravel beneath my bare hands

Feeling the dry blood on my ragged shirt

Some ripped blankets shielding me from the cold wind

A few dirty coins falling from my torn pockets. 

Death is approaching, cautiously

The Plague is spreading.

Choking on the toxic smoke

The smell of raw sewage wafting over from the storm-water drains

The stench of horse manure scattered along the lanes

The wet hay strewn about

The dull rain flowing through the streets creating dirty-smelling mud

Something like the fumes of dry blood bouncing at me from it's owners

Death is approaching, nervously

The Plague is spreading.

Overwhelming sadness touching my heart

Wondering why I chose to come here and start this ‘new life’

Disappointment at what this new life has brought

Feeling starvation and depression because nobody cares.

Thoughts drifting to poverty and extreme lengths; crime and suicide

Thinking that life doesn’t matter

Wondering if anything were to happen to me, would anyone really care.

Death is approaching, rapidly

The Plague is coming.


Coughing on the smoke and thick air

A reminiscent of blood and death sitting on the tip of my tongue

Tasting the moisture from the air making me gag and choke

Hearing horse’s feet upon the hard cobbles

The distant sound of functional factories and their tireless workers

The dull moaning of many hopeless souls

Death is upon us.

The Plague is here.



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