My Brother's Keeper

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The stories of a fallen angel that hunts evil in an attempt to escape damnation.

Submitted: May 29, 2017

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Submitted: May 29, 2017



I stood overlooking the old run down apartment. Moldy walls, rotten floors. Down the street a worn looking prostitute was smoking a cigarette, waiting for some lost soul to trade a few hours of "fun" for what most people would spend of lunch but would only save her from a beating. From my rooftop perch i saw, 

Further down the same street, her... employer... sat in his expensive sports car,  Gold rims shining in the street lights. This was most definitely the "bad part of town."  I contemplated dropping down and teaching the pimp the true meaning of suffering but then remembered why i was here. Who i was waiting for... and what he- what it- had been up to. 

Perhaps a little introduction is in order. My name... well, the name i choose to use for now, is Alistair. My true name would be impossible to pronounce by any living being. And what am i? Some would call me a demon, a monster. A creature from your most horrific nightmares. But what i am is a tormented being, hated by my own as much as the shining beings of light i once called "brother". A being that followed in a mad attempt to overthrow one who created galaxies with a word.... a being who would do anything for redemption. 

But i know i am doomed. I often question why i do what i do and the only answer i can find is that perhaps, in doing what i do, i will earn a slightly less horrible fate than what awaits me if i continue with my brethren.

I look down the street below me, my thoughts interrupted by the sound of footsteps on the asphalt. Below my a young woman is walking quickly, shooting frightened glances behind her. I turn my head and see she is not alone. Behind her, a man walks quickly. I can tell by his twitching and stumbling that he is under the influence of something that is not natural... and i don't mean anything made by man.

He is a victim of what i have been waiting here for, one of my fallen brothers. I stood, preparing to do what i had so many times, to rescue of the creatures i had been taught for millennia to hate... and to kill one of those i had once called "brother". 

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