Cookie the Elf and the Evil Jelly Monster

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Cookie is the elf in charge of making cookies for all the boys and girls of Earth to put out on Christmas Eve for Santa but he is kidnapped and no cookies can be made. Mr Chocolate must contact the boys and girls of Earth to help him find Cookie before Christmas Eve.

Submitted: May 12, 2012

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Submitted: May 12, 2012



Cookie the Elf and The Evil Jelly Monster


One day Cookie the Elf didn't show up for work at the cake factory and his boss Mr Chocolate was not happy. He phoned Cookie but had no luck, he even went round to his house but he still couldn't find him. Eventually he sent a letter to the boys and girls on Earth hoping that some of them would help him find Cookie.

Not long after he heard a chap at his door. He opened the door to see a boy and a girl ready to help him.

"Hi, I'm Katy," the girl said.

"Hi, I'm Johnny," said the boy.

"Thank you for coming. If we can't find Cookie then none of the boys and girls on Earth will be able to leave cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve which is only 2 weeks away." Mr Chocolate started crying because he was so sad.

"Don't worry. We are here to help you find Cookie," said Johnny.

"Have you checked his work station?" Katy asked Mr Chocolate.

"Yes. He isn't there," cried Mr Chocolate. He led Katy and Johnny to where Cookie made all of the cookies for Earth.

"Something is strange about this place," said Johnny.

"There is jelly all over the walls. I think it spells something out," said Katy.

"It says 'I have taken Cookie and the boys and girls of Earth will have to leave jelly out for Santa' I think that the Evil Jelly Monster wrote it, don't you?" said Johnny.

"Yes, we'll have to go to Jelly Volcano that's where the Evil Jelly Monster lives," said Katy.


Soon after Katy and Johnny were at the enterance to Jelly Volccano.

"Let's go in the front door, it is left open." said Katy.

"Follow me," said Johnny as he ran through the door with his chocolate chip gun at the ready.

"Dear Katy and Johnny, welcome to my home," said the Evil Jelly Monster.

"Fire!" shouted Johnny. When the chocolate chips hit the Evil Jelly Monster they went right through him because he was made of jelly.

"Oh no. How are we going to get Cookie back now?" cried Katy.

"HELP! HELP!" came the cry from in a cage in the corner.

"It's Cookie!" shouted Johnny.

"You'll never get him free. Now, if you'll excuse me for a moment I have to make sure my jelly is set." said the Evil Jelly Monster as he left the room.

"Don't worry Cookie, we have a plan." said Katy.

"We do?" Johnny asked.

"Yes. The Evil Jelly Monster is made out of jelly and we can eat jelly so..." said Katy.

"We can eat him!" Johnny said happily.


Just then the Evil Jelly Monster returned.

"3.2.1. NOW!" Katy shouted. Together Katy and Johnny ran towards the Evil Jelly Monster knives and forks at the ready. Piece by piece they ate every last drop of him.

"You know for someone so evil he did taste sweet."said Johnny.

"I can never eat another piece of jelly again." said Katy.

They both unlocked the cage where Cookie was being kept.

"Thank you so much. Now all the boys and girls of Earth will have cookies to put out for Santa all thanks to you." Cookie said and he gave Katy and Johnny a big hug.


They returned to the cake factory where Johnny and Katy said their goodbyes until the next time they were needed, but that's another story.

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