EGO - ch. 2 - Her

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chapter 2 of EGO :) hope you like it and tell me what you think ~ xox

Submitted: May 17, 2012

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Submitted: May 17, 2012



He knew I was her; he was more than angry. I tried to switch back and forth, but it didn;t work. We were at the Hibachi Buffet, where he was going to take her out to eat. The reason why I made her up, was too see how he responded to her, and I went too far with it. He obviously liked her a lot more than anyone. I dont get it, she's supposly filled with aids and still gets called "Hot".  

~~~~(diff. ch.V but I decided to put it here) V

He had a black leather jacket, with a white v-neck shirt under that fit his slim body well. He also had black skinny jeans that looked not to tight , but just right. And his shoes, well they were black, round tip dress shoes with fine laces. This time, his hair was pushed back, no gel, just a nice field of black hair on his head. He looked like he came out of the movie grease, but with an even more hotter style if possible. His skin, was sightly tanned, and once again, he had those little nice birthmarks on his neck that I loved. His mouth was a bit open, as if his bottom lip was heavy, causing his chin to fold in a little.

How I met him?At first, I honestly thought he was 19 or even 18, that's why I requested him as a friend online. I didn't know if he was real or just another online poser, but what I did know, is that he was cute.  I never thought he would talk to me, or even acknowledge my friend request. But he did, and it didn't take him long to comment one of my pictures. He wrote "cute" on one of them. And that's how it started. 


I never knew I was into older guys, or at least mature ones. I feel as if on the inside, I'm older than what I appear on the outside, maybe I'm just tricking myself, who knows. You see at first, I thought he was young and might be "fun" to be around with, and since he came into my life after my last crush, which went horribly wrong, I kinda fell onto this guy. He's 23, and im only 15. He even asked if it was ok to talk because of our age difference. In my mind, I didn't see nothing wrong with it, we were only going to be friends; at least of course before I knew how good looking he really was. I felt like I shouldn't even fall for him, I always do that everytime I get rejected- I always looked for a new target to fall for, and he was next. Anyways, when I looked through his pictures, I swear he had the most cutest face ever, he didn't look 23 and he was pretty hot; my breath was litteratly taken away by his handsome looks. I caught myself smiling like an idiot at his pictures, and decided I should start the conversation. I never did like starting them, but he was an exception. He was handsome looking, and besides he technically spoke first by commenting on my picture. 

Just as I was looking for him on my contacts to message him, my messenger window showed up. It was him, he wrote " Hey " , and I honestly didn't want to say " hey what's up? " because thats just boring. After a few seconds, he wrote to me again before I even replied, 

" Do I know you? " 

" No, you don't"

"So how'd you find me?"  he asked as I thought I made a mistake in adding a stranger, even though he was friends with a friend of mine.

" My friend. He had a picture where you tagged in, and I liked it. "

" You Liked it? "

" Yeah lol " I didn't know what else to say

" What did you like about it?"

" Well, I liked that you were good looking in it "  - I tried to flirt, but I'm socially awkward when it comes to flirting

" So, let me get this straight. You added me, because you thought I was good looking?"

" Is that not what I said? "  At this point, I was somewhat let down because he was coming off as a jerk as to the way he asked me why I added him

" I'm messing with you :) " 

He made a good first impression. I thought he was going to be a jerk about the whole why I added him thing, but I was wrong. I love that he jokes around, especially because I do it as well. He was the joking type, another good feature about him. But it worried me. The thing is, I have trust issues, and before I fall head over heels for him, I just want to see if he's real and not a fake; to see if he is the person he caims to be in his pictures. 

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