Umm... Hi?

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This is kind of a blog for ideas... All is a rough draft and it's whatever I feel like writing

Submitted: January 21, 2010

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Submitted: January 21, 2010



 First off thank you to the person who sent me this, it reminded me that its important to keep figting for what feels right

. "Booksie doesn't suck. Your work doesn't suck either. Your "mate" is a d*ck for saying that and probably will end up a sad lonely b*stard with no prospects for the future. You have huge talent. Even I can see that, and to your mate who thinks you suck? I would challenge them to write something. Because I'll bet my wages that they don't have half the talent that you do. Lots of us are contending with the same sh!te here, Booksie is full of worms. HOWEVER. It is my opinion and that of others no doubt, that you should not leave to spite the site, instead work it as you are able, as we all do. No offense but its a tough world, and there are too many quitters. Ypu're better than that. Ride it out. Take a break but come back. Re-invent yourself if you must but don't leave. Please. It would be a terrible thing to see a good person and a talented one at that leave. Booksie may have its fair share of cr@p but then so do most. You will not find another site like this I guaruntee you and I have been writing professionally for around 20 years. I urge you not to leave, but instead to reconsider taking a short break as you can, and not to let the little things build up on you. Now you can pick yourself up, brush yourself off and get that passion for writing back, be inspired and be an inspiration to others, or you can do the easy thing. And QUIT. Ball is in our court. You gonna play it or just run?"

*sniff*  so beautiful!

anyway I would like comments on future story ideas that I will be posting in this place. I will continue writing "split personality" as soon as i get it transferred onto my laptop.  So yeah just getting this off my chest... XP

Oh oh and I tend to write fictional stories.

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