This story is about a married couple. (Rachel and Jeff) Rachel likes to scratch Jeff's back, and Jeff likes it too. ;)

On a crisp autumn day, I was walking my dog, Rascal, when suddenly I got an itch on my back. It was huge, inbetween my shoulderblades and driving me crazy.  \"Oh God, oh God, oh God!\" I muttered under my breath. It was killing me. Good thing I was alone! I was trying to hard to scratch it through my thick sweatshirt. Since I was close to a tree, I ran to it and frantically started rubbing my back on it. It didn't work. I ran to the woods and got a random stick. I stuck it down my sweatshirt and used it to scratch my horrible itch. Oh it felt so good going all over my upper back! When I was done, I threw the stick back into the woods and walked back to the house itch free.

•Rachel• When Jeff came back into the house, I couldn't stand it anymore. I loved to scratch his back; I could do it all day. That is why I got some itching powder that will be used right after he takes a shower tonight. I can't wait!  ••• After he took his shower, he laid down in bed with me. I casually started rubbing under his shirt with my hand, pushing on some knots lightly. I could tell he liked it, he curled toward me. Then he started squirming. \"Are you ok, Jeff?\" I asked. \"Yea but my back has been itching me all day right in the middle! I don't know why...\" he said. The middle was my favorite spot to scratch! Perfect! \"Poor Jeff,\" I told him and continued rubbing with one hand as I reached behind me for the powder with the other. When I got enough, I switched hands and begun rubbing the itch powder in. When I rubbed it well, he grunted. \"Urg I hate back itches!\" he said as he adjusted his shirt. Then he gasped and I knew he felt the powder. He stood up, obviously needing relief. \"Jeff, hurry, come here. I'll scratch your back for you,\" I offered. He ran to me and turned around so I could scratch all over. My nails were a perfect length for it too. \"Where should I scratch?\" I asked even thought I knew perfectly well. \"All over!\" he responded. \"And hurry! It is killing me!\" he exclaimed. \"Aww but Jeff I have to go to the bathroom,\" I said, letting his need build. He gritted his teeth and agreed to stay in place while I went. •Jeff• I don't know why, but the itch was getting worse! I grabbed our backscratcher but as I did, Rachel came back. She told me to to lie down on our bed, and I didn't say no. The itch was spreading to my shoulders and back of my neck. Rachel straddled me and began scratching where it itched most. I sighed in relief and let her scratch until there were no itches left. \"Ohhh that was horrible! I wonder why i was itching so much. Weird...\" I commented. \"Are you good now?\" Rachel asked with concern. \"Yea but it hurts a little,\" I told her. She walked into the bathroom with an \"I'll be right back\" and came out with a wet washcloth. \"What are you gonna do with that?\" I asked her. \"You'll see,\" she told me as she straddled me. She squeezed out a little of the cool water from the washcloth on my back and started rubbing it around the hurt areas. It felt great! \"Thanks, Rachel.\" I said gratefully. \"Welcome,\" she said cheerfully as she kept rubbing.


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