I wrote this for my mother who I wish I could please.

Mommy dearest you gave me life Thanks to you I am alive Living with pain and strife Memories will haunt me till I die

Mommy dearest you seen me grow, You always pushed me aside Trying to find another place for me to go, In your shadow I will always abide

Mommy dearest why me? What did I ever do? Why wasn't I good enough? I only wanted love from you,

Mommy dearest I really tried I wanted to be your star In my childhood I died Because I have to many scars

Mommy dearest I sit and cry Wondering what I did To make you hate me so I'm sorry mommy I was only a kid

Mommy dearest I thought the problem was me for so long, But now I see that there's nothing I can do, It's so hard for me to stay strong But dearest mother I have now figured out..the problem wasn't me..it was YOU!

Submitted: June 02, 2013

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