13 Years

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A truthful opinion about a 13 year british life of the new labour years from a dedicated passionate member.


13 Years


Door to Door, we knock with strong conviction.

Expressing credence once more again

Thrice before; we delivered dreams. What now?

Closer we arrive; darkness starts to fall.


Red and Red dictate the streets in sunshine

A color for prosperity, not rich

Our mindsets remember ascendancy,

Serving Bellini not bad black Russian


Place by Place International progress

From the days we became more “central”

Stood together for Fette’s finest pupil

A family like, the Richardson’s


Fighting for a cause? Or submerged in regret

But felt stronger together than alone

The vibrant sun blesses us without true knowledge

The darkness reminds… of the truth that remains

A new dawn has broken, has it not?

He promised that things could only get better.


Now alone, fighting for what cause?


2013… do we celebrate ten years?

On Tuesday night, he gave the order.

The order based on an unproven dossier

Our families, our friends left to die.


He said we did well these last 13 years.

Two wars a recession and cash for peers.

His speeches fulfilled us with brand new hope

Campbell, spin doctor for public or us?


Lest we remember; first day of true spring

“Twigg, Stephen… twenty thousand…" stopped by cheers.

More lest we forget… the poverty gap,

The highest rate since the Second World War.


Door to Door we knock with true convictions,

Too ignorant to accept the verdict


Education, Education, Education


Let us not celebrate but learn






Submitted: January 26, 2012

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