Blue Hatred (Undertale Trilogy)

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Because I was asked to write another ^_^ Enjoy

Submitted: December 12, 2015

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Submitted: December 12, 2015



Labby: No, the dialogue isn't the same, bakas. It's just what I would picture the battle to be like. Also, listen to 'Stronger Than You Sans Parody' whilst reading this. It's flipping brilliant. Also, to stay true to the game, Sans is in all lower case now ^_^

"kid. we meet again." Sans said casually, leaning on the side of a pillar. "y'know, my brother wanted to spare you. i mean, of course you know, he must have told you."

Frisk just stared at him. No, not Frisk, Chara. Frisk wasn't the CREATURE in front of him.

"he was a good brother. have you ever had someone that you want to protect? that you would DIE FOR?" 

A small, sinister laugh filled the air.

"That can be arranged." Chara smiled, her blood-stained teeth glinting in the sunlight.

Sans grinned, but his grin was a little more insane than it had been before.

"look, kid, papyrus was a good brother, as I was saying. always saw the best in everyone. but you killed him, did you? DIDN'T YOU?!" Mother of Whoever is Holy, he was MAD now. "DIDN'T YOU, YOU DIRTY. BROTHER. KILLER!"

The blue flame in his left eye ignited again, but this time it was flashing between blue and yellow, making Sans look insane (A.N: Just my personal opinion ^_^')

Chara looked SCARED now. Good. If she was scared, that would make killing her a whole lot easier. 

Didn't mean she wasn't 'determined' though.

Screw 'determination'. Sans was playing by his own ruels. 

"get dunked on kid."

And with that, a battle worthy of the gods began.


"h-hey Papyrus. i-im going to Grillby's. do you want anything?"

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