Booksie Goes To Hogwarts

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: 'The Odd Ones'

How would we all fair in our time at Hogwarts? ^_^ If you would like to be in this book, please write down below: Your name, house, what year you would like to be in, pet (if you want one), wand type and a brief description of yourself ^_^ Enjoy!

Table of Contents

Me and You

In which the author establishes her own role and the roles of three other highly important people. In which she also implores you to join in ^_^ Read Chapter

House Divided

Ok, so, so far, we have two Ravenclaws, and a Hufflepuff ^_^ In my story, my character will be younger than me, and will be in the fifth year with Yasmin and Willow. Panda's in the third year ^_^ Read Chapter

Quiddich and Complications

In this, we have the start of a Quiddich match, and a little bit of rivalry. Also known as: The Chapter Where A Plot Starts to Form ^_~ Read Chapter

The Games Begin

I'm back ^_^ If you have submitted your character, I may not be able to include them in this chapter, but I promise, in the next one, you will be there ^_^

Also, just a quick thing: I know all of you are friends with Mimi, but it's REALLY hard to give her so many friends ^_^' Dammit Mimi, why are you so popular? ^w^ Read Chapter

Rules and Complictions (Quiddich Game Pt.2)

HAPPY 200+ VIEWS! ^u^ YOU GET CAKE, AND YOU GET CAKE *throws cake everywhere whilst balloons and steamers appear out of nowhere*

In which I get confused. Very. Confused.
And if your character hasn't been developed yet, they will be. I promise. Read Chapter

The Plot...Starts

HOLY SHIT 400+ VIEWS THIS IS INSANE ^U^ MORE CAKE FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *catapults cake towards everyone and dances around excitedly*

In which we see a plot begin to form...kinda. As always, if your character isn't included in here, they WILL BE. I promise ^_^ Read Chapter

I Loose My Mind

I have not uploaded in balls ages. I am so sorry.
ALSO...700+ VIEWS PEOPLE! WHOOP WHOOP! *throws assorted bits of very British sweets at everyone*
In which I'm completely shattered and everything goes downhill. This chapter is just...pure angst. Read Chapter

Real Evil Exists

800+ views. I have no words.

In which we find a plot, an anti-hero, and that not every main character ends up saving the day.
Read Chapter