Change Of Heart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: 'The Odd Ones'
Written after looking through old photos of me and getting nostalgic. Aka: How I've aged, in looks and personality.

Submitted: March 29, 2016

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Submitted: March 29, 2016




Labby, age 6

Hair: Short, cut in an awkward bob 'n' fringe tied up in bunches.

Personality: Angry and loud when around others. Throws tantrums regularly. Often only does it for attention though. Has two 'friends' only she can see. 

Labby, age 8

Hair: Semi-long, still with an awkward fringe, loose.

Personality: Quiet and picky with her food. Constantly reading and re-reading books for months. Not much information is known about this time.

Labby, age 10

Hair: Long, side fringe, loose.

Personality: Quirky and weird. Shows up at random times. Occasionally cries for no reason.

Labby, age 12

Hair: Very short, side fringe, loose.

Personality: Always tired and generally moody. Spends a lot of time in her room, or stalking her big brother for hugs. Puberty mood swings are common.

Labby, age 14

Hair: Semi-long, side fringe, loose.

Personality: Antisocial and weird. Diagnosed with severe anxiety at this age. Pulls out hair when nervous. Recommends books to people she's never met before.

Labby, age 16

Hair: Very long, side fringe, loose.

Personality: Slightly worryingly dark-minded, obsessed with creepypastas and creepy songs. Early signs of depression were shown. Diagnosed with MPD and OCD in this year.

Labby, age 18 - NOW

Hair: Very short, side fringe, loose

Personality: Tries to be social, but is not very good at it. Loves puns, and annoys people by telling them constantly. Loves black and still likes dark things, though a lot more casually now. Generally a huge fangirl for video games, anime and other things. Prefers to doodle in her planner than do work. A bit of an arsehole in real life.

Labby: And there you have it! Sorry, this was the result of late night photo sorting. Bad idea. I guess it was interesting, finding out what others thought I was like when I was younger. Well, I say others. Really, I'm over at my big bro's, and he's awake too, and my big sister Skyped us because she was awake, and we all kind of helped each other do their own. I only really remembered the later years though, as my big sister and brother are only one and two years older than me. 

You don't really notice that much that you're ageing until you look back. 

Also, it's kinda nice to have family members so close to your age group. It means you're generally considered to be equal, and you're treated as more of a best friend than a sibling.

Anyway, I'm late-night-rambling, so I'm sorry. I'm going to make my bro and me some hot chocolate to calm us down...and I'll see you when I'm less tired...which will be never. I'm an insomniac, remember?

Best wishes and sleepy fishes,

Labby #.# xxx

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