Demon in the Cupboard

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For the longest time, there's been a demon in my cupboard.

Submitted: March 30, 2016

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Submitted: March 30, 2016



She always watched me when I was younger. 

I would play, and she would be there.

But she wasn't unfriendly.

She looked lonely, like me.

So I began to talk to her. 

She didn't talk much, but her face was very expressive, telling me all I needed to know.

She had been watching me since the day I was born, apparently. Keeping me safe.

And I was glad of it.


As I grew, she grew too. Perhaps not as literally as I did, but she grew in experience. She left the cupboard, following me. She was joined by a stuffed bear who grew also. They would play with me and love me as I had always asked for. 

But only she could truly understand.


My two guardians were joined by a fallen girl, walking as more of a ghost than a demon. She was kind, but reminded me of things I would rather forget.

But only SHE could ever understand.


I grew through the lies people told me, through the little white and blue pills, through the heartbreak and emotions that few people would ever have to suffer through.

And she stayed. And they stayed. And they helped.

And it was enough.

Labby: I'm sorry, I guess I'm procrastinating the next chapter of Booksie Goes To Hogwarts (which will be up in a couple of days, btw). I don't know...the guys wanted another work about them.

Panda: We haven't been in many recently #_# We were worried you were ignoring us ;-;

Labby: *smacks him lightly* Idiot! Of course I wouldn't forget you! ^u^

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