Do You Wanna Go Adventure? (Adventure Time Parody)

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Sorry for using...ugh...FROZEN again. It just worked so well with this parody. What I think would happen if Finn turned into the Ice Prince in the original dimension.

Submitted: December 18, 2015

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Submitted: December 18, 2015



Jake: (20 years old)

Hey Finn! Finn!

*knocks on trapdoor*

Finn? Do ya wanna go adventure?

Cummon, let's go explore!

There're aren't that many things to do,

When I'm not out with you,

I've done them all before.

*sigh* We used to be like brothers,

And now we're not,

And no one will tell me why!

*hopeful* So do ya wanna go adventure?

It doesn't have to be adventure!

Finn: (16 Years Old)

Sorry Jake, not tonight.


Ok, fine!


(3 Years Later)


Hey Finn!

*knock knock* Do you wanna go adventure?

Bemo's downloading new games now,

I think some company is overdue,

Because no one is speaking to me now...

I guess it's kinda lonely,

All these things to do,

And no one there by my side...


*Cinematic cutscene*

Finn putting the crown on his head, killing Bubblegum, then flying off and ruling the Ice Kingdom in place of the Ice King.


(5 Year Later)


*goes up to ice palace door and knocks*

Finn? *sigh* Please, I know you're in there,

I've just been wondering how you've been...

They say of courage, they want me to be you,

And I'm trying to, but Jake cannot be Finn...

So now I'm by myself now, it's just you and me,

What are we gonna do?


Do you wanna go adventure?

*pan out, showing Finn in Ice Prince form leaning against the door with frozen tears on his cheeks*

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