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This is a short story I sent in for a Writers Digest Competition. Let me know what you think. The promt was...
"Three people. A cold morning. One vacant movie house. go."

750 words or less.

Now submitted for public inquiry. :)

Submitted: July 01, 2007

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Submitted: July 01, 2007



Jeremy stepped a little quicker.  His feet beginning to slip on the icy sidewalk.  The stack of books he held beginning to shift a little more with each new step.  Breath frosting in the air giving the sensation of a steam engine chugging along  to its destination at the local library.  Only there was no time for pretending.

“Jeremy you little dweeb!  You better run faster than that! When I catch you………..” He heard from behind him.

Jeremy didn’t even bother to hear the rest of the threat, he knew what was going to happen.He shuffled his feet even faster to try and make it to the library before he was caught.  No luck the books offset his already awkward balance for an 11 year old, and down he went off the side of the curb.  The books scattered all over and Jeremy thought he had broken his ankle.

Dustin catching up to him finally slid up beside him, seeing the look on Jeremy’s face he knew Jeremy wasn’t playing possum.He pulled Jeremy to his feet, listening to his whimpers’  all the way up. 

“Get off! Get away Dustin!  Leave me alone!”  Jeremy cried

“Shut up! For once, I’m not going to hurt you.” Dustin said trying to keep them both balanced.

“Get off him Dustin!”  Came a sweet but very angry voice from across the street.

Dustin looked over to see Teri scowling at him.He hated seeing her pretty face twisted in anger.

“Teri I didn’t do anything, he spoiled my fun and did it first!  Will you please help me get him out of the snow?”

Teri and Dustin carried him underneath  the old awning of what used to be a movie theater years ago.  After collecting Jeremy’s books they both sat down beside him.

“What do you do with all these books anyway?”  Dustin asked. “I know teachers don’t make you read all that crap.”

“No I read cause I like to.” Jeremy said plainly.

“Sounds boring, Teri lets get him out of the cold.  This door’s been unlocked for a month.” Dustin told her.

Jeremy got up and limped in on his own.  The other two followed, quietly watching. After a short search Jeremy found the projection room.  Surprisingly there were several pieces of blank paper and 3 pens, and an old movie reel.  “A Street Car Named Desire.”

Jeremy pointed at the compilation of items he saw.  “This is why I read.”

Teri looked inquisitively at the boys. “Excuse me Jeremy.  What to you mean?”

Jeremy looked at both of them. “Look at what’s here.”  The boy said Holding up the movie and the paper.

Jeremy still getting vague looks finally asked.  “Will you play a game with me?”
Dustin scrunched his nose. “It’s probably a stupid game.”

Teri gave him that glare and then told Jeremy. “Yes we’ll play.”

Jeremy handed each of them a piece of paper and a pen and then held up the old reel.  “This movie started out as a piece of paper and a pen like each of us have now. Just imagine if you could see everything you wrote down on this paper on that big screen out there.”

The three looked out through the small hole and saw the screen.

“Write something and imagine watching it out there.”  Jeremy was surprised when they both sat on the floor and actually saw a thoughtful look on Dustin’s face.

Dustin was actually writing!  Teri was too.  Every once in a while one or the other would look up at the screen and write more.  After about 20 minutes Dustin finished and shared what he wrote with Jeremy.

“At first I was going to just pretend to make you happy.  I think I see what you mean though.  Why you like these books.  It’s like a movie to you isn’t it?  Reading.  The screen is in your mind.  When you write it’s like making your own movie to you.  Like you had us do.”  Dustin just waited for an answer.

Teri furrowed her brow for a minute.  “Sort of.  I think.” She said after a moment.  “Except more than that, with a book sometimes you can feel, taste and smell what you read or write. In some ways more than a movie.  Is that it?”

Jeremy scratched his head.  “Sort of. Yeah.”

Dustin looked respectful.  “Do you think we can get more paper from the library?  No one will pick on you. We’ll go with you.  Promise.”



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