I'm Just Me (Sonic Oneshot)

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Yes, another one ^_^ This time, it's about bullying and how a few people can tear you down with a single word. I'm aware I've already written several things about this subject, but I still don't think you quite understand, so I've used Sonic as an example. Hope you like it ^_^

Submitted: July 22, 2015

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Submitted: July 22, 2015




"Look at him! He's mutated!"

"They say his quills can cut through metal!"

"He's a demon!"

"And what happens to demons?"

"They're hunted!"



"Burned to death!"

"Survival of the fittest." Said a bird child, smirking at the quivering ball of fur at his feet.

"What should we do to the freak now?"

"He's too dangerous to have those quills! Let's get rid of them!"

All of the children cheered, and ran off to get scissors. Suddenly, sob after sob came from the little kit they had been bullying. Why did no one like him, why did he have no friends? He tried everything, EVERYTHING to fit in. He no longer ran, which drove him insane, he gave up his time exploring the woods near his house for going to the dreaded football club after school. Why did they still hate him? It just...didn't make sense. 

He trembled in fear as he heard them re-approaching with sharp objects. As they began to chop off quills, he hardened them on instinct, and blood was drawn on the children's hands.

"Ah! The demon hurt me!"


All of the children ran off crying. The blue hedgehog lay there, bruised and beaten.

"I'm not a demon...I'm just...me."


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