Left Brain, Right Brain

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I apologise for this one. An adaptation of Bo Burnham's "Right Brain, Left Brain" to fit my left and right brain ^w^ I don't own the song, I just changed the lyrics a little ^_^

Submitted: March 17, 2016

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Submitted: March 17, 2016



This is Labby's Left Brain. Objective, logical, cold, analytical. She's efficient...and a prick.

L: *sigh*

And this...is Labby's Right Brain. Aware of feelings. Aware of people. She's emotional...and an idiot.

R: That's, um...your opinion. Careful with those.

Alright girls...play nice.

L: Heh, I am the left brain, I am the left brain,

I keep us livin' on 'til our inevitable death brain,

You got a job to do? You'd better do it right,

And the right way is with the left brain's might.

R: I LIKE OREOS AND PUSSY! Haha, yeah, in that order!

And I couldn't sleep for hours after playing Five Nights 3!


I am the right brain (shalalala)! 

I have feelings! ^w^

I'm a little all over the place,

But I'm lustful, trustful,

And I'm lookin' for somebody to love!

*whispers* Or stick my fingers in! ~w~ (A.N: I'm so sorry!)

*Girl walks by*

L: Oh! Here comes a female, here comes a female!

Puff your chest out, take your phone and check your email,

Apparently, my data says that you call yourself gay,

So gather data now, and see if she might feel the same way.

R: HOLY FUCK! I think she might be the one~! 

There's something about her! 

I just can't describe it!

L: ...



R: I am the Earth, she's my glorious sun! 

I just want her to trust me!

And I just want her, to, how do I say this,

Sit on my face? Sit-SIT ON MY FACE!

L: Alright now Right Brain, you're being insane!

R: Nah, Left Brain! I'm just being alive!

You should try it! You might LIKE IT!

L: I worked hard to give her everything she cared about,

While you were hiding from the things that she was scared about,

I'm calm and collected, while you act wild,

I am the adult, YOU ARE THE CHILD!

R: You think you're the right one every time!

You think you know everything,

When you don't know anything AT ALL,

Half of her problems were supposed to be mine!

But you wanted everything!

I hope that you're happy, coz she's sure not...

L: Well, according to my calculations, I'm sorry, let me run the numbers again, um...you're a little bitch!

R: Name calling? You're just gonna do name calling?

L: I'm not calling names, alright, I'm just stating facts, and the fact is, you're a little bitch!

R: I'm the bitch? Well at least I don't play with toys still!

L: Ok, rubix cubes are not toys! They keep my mental skills...sharp!

R: Left Brain plays with toys~! Look at you! You're a...well...you're a toy player!


I kept her working, I kept her productive, and you were supposed to look after her!

And now you're trying to blame me for how she's feeling?! How she's feeling...

If she's feeling unhappy, it's 'coz you failed her!

You did this to her! She hates you, I know she does!


R: *sobs and looks away*

L: ...look, Right Brain, I'm sorry...

R: N-NO YOU'RE NOT! *sob*

L: *thinks*...



...look, maybe's there's something that...we could do together...

R: *sniff* Together?

L: Yeah, I mean, take the best parts of both of us,

Put 'em together...

R: ...I'm listening...

L: It would let you let your feelings out,

It would let me analyse,

So you could man the themes,

I'll man the form,

It's something that Steph Myers did,

It's something J.K Rowling did,

It's something special that we could both preform...

Do you know what it is?

R: ...JUGGLING! We could juggle, and juggle our cares away!

L: ...

...*facepalm* No, it was writing, we could do writing together-

Initiating reassembly...

L: Look, Right Brain, we're gonna write together!

R: Ok Left Brain, I'll do comedy with you!

L: Look, we can fix her like this!

R: Left Brain! Left Brain, I love you!

L: ...I know.

Experimentation Complete.

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