Meet Underswap Sans!

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Meet Underswap Sans! A little bio and a tiny interview ^_^ This is not my AU. This is just my headcannon for this AU.

Submitted: February 26, 2016

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Submitted: February 26, 2016



Underswap Sans

Full name: Sans Bones (SA-N5)

Nickname: Blueberry

Age: Who the hell knows, but he's still older than Papyrus

Eye Colour: Blue...but technically, he doesn't have eyes...

Favourite Colour: Light blue

Likes: Puns, his little brother, puzzles, new friends

Dislikes: People insulting his brother, Cigarettes (US Papyrus smokes, BTW)

Fears: Loosing his brother


L: Hey there Blueberry! ^w^

US S: Hello there, my SANSational new friend! :D

L: So, what have you been up to? ^_^

US S: Well, me and my fantastic brother Pappy recalibrated his puzzles today! ;D I'm pretty sure he had fun, and that's most important! X3

L: Omg, you're so adorable ^w^

US S: Huh? :|

L: Nothing, nothing. What do you like doing other than puzzles, Sansy?

US S: Oh! Well, I like: meeting new people, telling my brother puns, finding treasure and making pillow forts! XD

L: Sounds like fun!

US S: Oh, it is! :D 

L: So, Blueberry, what would be your deepest fear?

US S: ...I...I guess it w-would be...going through Genocide again.

L: You remember?

US S: Yep. He still dies first. Always...

L: Hey, I'm going to go to let you cool off. See you later, Blueberry.

US S: Bye...

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