My King (Undertale King Papyrus AU)

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My King, sitting on a lonely throne,

In your place, you are confined,

The weight of the world you hold alone,

So I take it now, and make it mine.


Your subjects, scared and terrified,

I can tell that you are too,

But a golden throne is no place to hide,

Pleaser remember, all I have is you.


Please don't question what I do every night,

I'm helping you, in your time of need,

I'm making your burdens a little more light,

My King, I am thy steed.

Labby: Written for the King Papyrus AU, where every main character except Sans and Papyrus are dead, and Papyrus becomes King. Sans then has to kill humans (and sometimes monsters) in order to stop Papyrus from caving under the stress. And that leads to something much darker happening to Sans...I may actually write a fanfiction about that, but in the meantime, here you go! ^_^

Submitted: February 17, 2016

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