Always Drifting

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Life passes by too fast for me , and I'm barely 13 . Soon , this day will be nothing but a memory . . .

Submitted: April 20, 2008

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Submitted: April 20, 2008



I feel like I'm drifting , or

I'm floating away  I've become

A feather in air , nothing but

Riding the clouds .

I can't control time , I can't control me

I can't be who I was years ago

It all just seems like yesterday , now

Was 5 or 6 years ago , and before I know it

I'll be out of this house , or

I'll be on my way to be on my own , then  

I'll be gone , when just yesterday I was cradled in mother's arms .

Before I can stop the wind , drifting me further ,

I'll be at their funeral , all dressed in black .

I can't control whenever it rains .  I can't control the years flying past

I can't control who I'll become . So long as the wind uplifts me ,

I'll be reminiscing my life , not living it .

Before I can plummet to earth , the wind lifts me up

What was once a small child becomes far from it .

What will be my life will be nothing but a dream

Remembering it happened , but nothing but a blur .

It will remain in my head , trying to remember it ,

Until all I can remember is drifting in the wind .

Until all I can see is the past .

Until everything around me becomes a wall of memories .

And the wind will finally stop .

...Landing this wandering feather , black once was pure white ,

Into what will be my grave . . .

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