The Making of a Character

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This is a prewriting exercise I did to try and create the main character for my full length piece. I liked how it came out so I thought I would share it with you. This piece is me and my main character figuring out what she will be.

Submitted: May 19, 2016

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Submitted: May 19, 2016



“Hello, hello? Are you there?”  Says the character in an empty room.  “Yes, I am here” says the author, “but who are you?”  she adds tentatively. 

“I am the story- waiting to be written.  So, yeah! Write me!” Says the character proudly.  It puts its hands on its hips but then taken them off, unsure if that is something it would or should do. 

“Hey! Why do you keep calling me it!” Says the character stomping its foot indignantly.  “There you go again! Treating me as an it instead of a person! If you weren’t so damn indecisive you would’ve given me a gender by now!” 

The author pauses at her keyboard, “Well what do you want to be?”  The character raises an eyebrow, “Wow, you’re asking a figment of your imagination what it wants.  You must be really stuck here.”  The character pauses before coming to the realization, “You made me call myself it!  Could you be anymore despicable?  You also brought me off topic!” 

The author puts her head in her hands and says “Alright! Enough, I’m sick of calling you ‘it’.  You’re a girl.  What is your name?”

“Again with having me make all of your decisions for you?  You are a lazy writer.” Says the character rolling her eyes.  “Well at least you gave me a gender specific pronoun.”  She adds sarcastically.

The author growing frustrated says “You better cooperate. If you don’t I am making you ugly, or a villain.”  The character shrugs and says “Either way you still have to deal with me. Plus, you like me.  I know you do.  You wouldn’t have dealt with me this long if you didn’t.”  The author’s eye twitches, but she concedes.  “Your name is Grace,” says the author softly. 

“Don’t tell me.  Write me.”  Grace says softly as.

The authors hands began to move enthusiastically across the keyboard.  As the author’s fingers move, Grace begins to see herself change.  Her grey skin turns to a light olive tone.  Her bald head begins to sprout chestnut curls all the way to her lower back.  Her fingernails become a hot pink color, and she goes from being flat on all sides to having feminine sloping curves that made her look more like a person. 

She began to feel something deep inside herself.  She felt pain and love.  She felt her past as it was being told to her.  She had friends and a lover.  She felt loss and triumph.  She was no longer just a figment of the author’s imagination or words on a page.  When a reader heard her story they would feel what she did.  They would know her as whom they needed her to be.

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