All kids go and grow up. And Brooke isn't stopping for anyone.

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All Kids Go

All kids go and grow up. And Brooke isn't stopping for anyone. Read Chapter

  Chapter Two “Brooke, please eat something.” Kelly says, trying to hand her a small bag of chips. Without saying a ... Read Chapter

  Chapter Three Brooke walked down the hallway of the hotel by herself, by then it was nearly noon and she hadn’t eaten a ... Read Chapter

  Chapter Four Nick paced back and forth in his living room. The TV was still set on Toddlers and Tiaras, but there was a bi... Read Chapter

  Chapter Five “Come on girls!” Abby’s voice bounced off of every wall in studio A and made its way out of the room an... Read Chapter

  Chapter Six Friday had rolled around and Brooke stood in studio A, learning her solo. She looked at herself in the mirror.... Read Chapter

  Chapter Seven POP! A gun was fired again. Brooke heard the screeching sound of the tires pulling away and the sound of gla... Read Chapter

  Chapter Eight Brooke smiled and sang along to Nicki Minaj’s “Starships.” She dances with Brandon and a few other boy... Read Chapter

  Chapter Nine Bright. Dark. Bright. Dark. Brooke’s eyes fluttered open. The room was calm and there was a bird chirping o... Read Chapter

  Chapter Ten Brooke stretched her hand up and pretended to stab herself in the stomach. She fell to the ground and did a qu... Read Chapter

  Chapter Eleven A few days had passed since the competition and Brooke hadn’t spoke to either one of the boys and nobody ... Read Chapter

   Chapter Twelve Not too long after Brooke screamed and ran out of the studio, Abby walked in. Brooke was in the bathr... Read Chapter

  Chapter Thirteen Brooke and Paige made it back to finish learning the group dance with the new music. They began learning ... Read Chapter

  Chapter Fourteen A few days passed and all the girls and boys were working hard on their last day of rehearsal. The group ... Read Chapter

  Chapter Fifteen – part one Brooke climbed aboard the bus early Friday afternoon. They had an eleven hour bus ride ahead ... Read Chapter

  Chapter Sixteen “Judges please welcome number 103, from the Abby Lee Dance Company, I’m Just a Kid.” A judge said. ... Read Chapter

  Chapter Seventeen Brooke sat on the stage in Nick’s lap, laughing and smiling for the first time all day. The stage was ... Read Chapter

  Chapter Eighteen “Brooke stop that, your mom isn’t really here,” Nick said, kissing her neck and her shoulders. ... Read Chapter

    Chapter Nineteen Sunday morning, Brooke woke up. Everyone else was still asleep. Brooke put all of her might in... Read Chapter

  Chapter Twenty Brooke stayed up all of Sunday night. She couldn’t sleep on the bus. She watched her social network sites... Read Chapter

  Chapter Twenty-One A week had passed and Brooke got settled in at Abby’s. Everything was different. She could sleep in m... Read Chapter

  Chapter Twenty-Two There was a cool breeze that carried the mixed smell of garbage and funnel cakes. David smiled and look... Read Chapter

  Chapter Twenty-Three Paige lay on her bed with wet hair and her pajamas on. She had just gotten out of the long, hot showe... Read Chapter

  Chapter Twenty-Four Brooke and David decided against going to Nina’s party. David and Brooke walked back to the car. It ... Read Chapter

  Chapter Twenty-Five Brooke brought David home to spend the day with her and her family. But the very next day, Brooke and ... Read Chapter

  Chapter Twenty-Six Brooke’s eyes flashed open and fixed onto the plain white ceiling. Her hair was matted down, drenched... Read Chapter

  Chapter Twenty-Seven Brooke felt like crap the next day. She was tired, freezing cold yet burning hot, and could barely ge... Read Chapter

  Chapter Twenty-Eight The next day, Brooke went with Abby to drop David off at the airport. He had to go back home. Since h... Read Chapter

  Chapter Twenty-Nine Brooke woke back up in the same spot. Everything was silent except for the faint sound of crying. Broo... Read Chapter

  Chapter Thirty Brooke sat on her bed at home, not at Abby’s. She’d never been so glad to see her boring, ole’ worn o... Read Chapter

  Chapter Thirty-One Weeks passed and Brooke kept having night terrors. She kept dancing and going about her everyday life, ... Read Chapter

  Chapter Thirty-Two “…and Brooke.” Abby revealed the top picture on the pyramid. “You are on the top of the pyramid... Read Chapter

  Chapter Thirty-Three Brooke was sitting on a stack of mats, talking to Chloe in the dancers den. Nick and Kristen were cha... Read Chapter

  Chapter Thirty-Four Brooke sat in the front seat of Brandon’s car, wrapped up in one of his hoodies with the heat blowin... Read Chapter

  Chapter Thirty-Five Brooke did her scorpion and then joined back in with Brandon and Kristen with the music. Kristen and N... Read Chapter

  Chapter Thirty-Six Brooke saw how Nick’s green eyes had a glaze of confusion over them. She had to cover up for her acti... Read Chapter